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Portable Monitoring System


Available in:

2 versions

With the Portable Monitoring System, you receive a complete package for quick and easy monitoring of your machines and systems. All components that you need for condition monitoring are integrated: BCM sensor, mobile gateway and the visualization software. Thanks to the batteries integrated in the gateway and data transmission via mobile radio, you can record data flexibly and portably. In addition, you can retrieve the data stored in the cloud from anywhere and thus monitor your systems remotely.

Ordering the system is as simple as commissioning it. Simply place the desired variant in the shopping cart and complete the process. With the order, you will receive not only the required hardware but also the software license. This is valid for 1 year and entitles you to use the system.

The special features

  • System for the acquisition and visualization of condition monitoring data in the cloud
  • Incl. condition monitoring sensor, mobile gateway and visualization software
  • Communication from gateway to cloud via LTE/ 2G
  • Data storage in cloud: 30 days
  • E-mail alarm function based on min/max values
  • CSV data export
  • Regular updates via radio to ensure security and latest firmware updates

2 Results

Order code Order Code Description

BSG BPM - Portable Monitoring System

BSG BPM - Portable Monitoring System
Option S01 - Condition Monitoring Sensor BCM0001
Option S02 - Condition Monitoring Sensor BCM0002
Mobile gateway, powered by integrated rechargeable batteries or 24 V power supply, data transmission via wireless (2G/LTE/NB-IoT)
Cloud application for visualizing condition monitoring data, incl. 1000 MB data volume, data transmission 1/second, data storage in the cloud for 30 days

BAI BPM - Portable Monitoring System - Software Licence

BAI BPM - Portable Monitoring System - Software Licence
The visualization software is part of the Portable Monitoring System (BSG BPM - Portable Monitoring System) for quick and easy monitoring of machines and plants. Included are data volume and cloud storage space.