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BVS Cockpit

Setup and configuration

Available in:

2 versions

The well designed BVS-Cockpit user interface lets you set up and operate SmartCameras and industrial cameras simply and intuitively. The user interface shows you all the important functions. For all the tools you see only the parameters needed for the setting, so that you can conveniently adapt both our SmartCamera and our Industrial Camera to your needs. The ability to combine elements with various hardware makes this solution easily scalable.

Our clearly organized and comprehensive BVS-Cockpit user interface is available to you for installation and use on Windows-based terminal devices. Now you can configure and operate the connected industrial cameras from your own computer.

  • Application: For up to 8 industrial cameras

  • System requirements: Processor with 2 GHz Dual Core and 2 GB RAM

  • Supported web browsers: Mozilla Firefox (Version 24), Google Chrome (Version 32.0), Windows Internet Explorer (Version 10)

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher

Already installed systems for up to 4 cameras can be increased to up to 8 cameras with a license extension.

2 versions

Order code Price Description Use License model Operating system

BAI BVA - Balluff Impact Acquire

BAI BVA - Balluff Impact Acquire
Impact Acquire is a uniform and comprehensive driver API with helpful tools for controlling cameras and acquiring images. For Balluff cameras., For GenIcam compliant 3rd party cameras solely in combination with a BAI BVA - Balluff Vision Acquire license. No license necessary for Balluff cameras.
Perpetual license BAI BVA - Balluff Vision Acquire is mandatory for 3rd party cameras.
Windows 7, 10, 11 (32/64bit), Linux Ubuntu 18.04 and later (x86_64, ARMhf, ARM64), macOS 12 and later (ARM64)

BAI BVA - Balluff Vision Acquire

BAI BVA - Balluff Vision Acquire
Vision Acquire is a license for the use of GenIcam compliant 3rd party cameras in combination with the Impact Acquire software. For GenIcam compliant 3rd party cameras. Perpetual
Software variants referring to number of cameras per system: CA = 1 camera, CB ≤ 4 cameras, CC ≤ 10 cameras, CD ≤ 20 cameras, OX = unlimited cameras
Windows 10 (64-bit), Linux X86_64

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