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Return shipment

Guide for the processing of returns

Return shipment

In order for us to process your order even faster, it is best to use our return forms and declarations of no objection. This ensures that we can prepare all necessary steps while your shipment is still on its way to us. This way you ensure that your order is processed even faster.

Procedure of return of goods

  1. Select the appropriate cause for return of goods and acknowledge the gerneral terms and conditions.

  2. Send the form to us by using the automatic sending function within the form.

  3. Once we receive the information, we will check the transaction and send you the transaction number (service ID) and the shipping documents.

  4. Pack the goods appropriately and enclose the return form with a description of the defect, if applicable, and the declaration of no objection to the shipping package. Send the goods back to us with sufficient postage.

  5. As soon as the goods have been viewed and received by Balluff, you will receive a confirmation of receipt.