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Are you looking for inductive couplers?

There are many products available now in the webshop

With inductive couplers, data and energy are transmitted across an air gap with no contact, without any mechanical wear on cables or connectors. Machines can thus be retooled more quickly and flexibly.

We currently have products available now in the following families. You can view availability information in real time, directly on the product page in the Balluff webshop. Order quickly and directly in the My Balluff customer portal. Your prices are calculated based on your individual terms and are shown in the shopping cart.

If your desired product is not included, you can use our new "Change configuration" function to display possible alternatives.

GOOD NEWS about availability in additional product ranges

Are you looking for additional, currently available sensors and accessories? Our overview page will take you to more product areas. You can also find out more details about the other functions of the Balluff webshop, such as the availability display in real time, and its other advantages.
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