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Network Modules for CC-Link IE/Field Basic

Network blocks

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1 versions

The bus system CC-Link IE Field Basic is compatible with 100 Mbit Ethernet devices. It enables optimum performance whenever gigabit speed is not required. This makes CC-Link IE Field Basic perfectly suited for requirements of the so-called low automation level.

The special features

  • Addition of CC-Link IE compatibility to 100 Mbps Ethernet devices
  • Support of SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol)
  • Flexible use of data areas by controlling two to five stations
  • Convenient diagnostic options through 24 LEDs for port and module status
  • For harsh environments: robust IP67 metal housing

1 versions

Order code Price Interface Digital inputs Digital outputs Auxiliary interfaces


BNI CIB-508-105-Z015
1083.6 CAD CC-Link IE Field Basic 16x PNP, Type 3 16x PNP 8x IO-Link

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