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Smart features on board for intelligent manufacturing

With the innovative Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS), you can achieve intelligent production.

Smart features on board for intelligent manufacturing

Powerful, smart sensor technology and multifunctional solutions in each part of the system are the basis for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your machines and systems. In addition to process data, they also provide valuable status data.

Balluff's innovative Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) provides you with a system to uniformly manage the automation of the entire production line.
Our intelligent components open up new possibilities for you, from condition monitoring of machines and systems to predictive maintenance and completely new business models. High storage costs, missing data from your machines and systems, and time-consuming troubleshooting in the event of unexpected equipment failure are a thing of the past.

Where data originates and how it can be used

The primary tasks of automation components are actions like measuring, detecting, identifying or controlling. The SAMS devices have additional codition monitoring functions directly on board which provide you with further useful data. These include temperature detection, vibration monitoring or signal quality display. The concrete benefit for you is that additional hardware, which is normally required for such tasks, is no longer required. This means that the number of parts you use can be significantly reduced.

A PING function allows you to locate components in the plant quickly and easily. This is particularly helpful when individual components report values that indicate irregularities in the process. This directly informs you so you can intervene immediately.
Multi functions, including an operating hours counter, integrated counting function and a boot cycle counter, provide you with further background information that enables you to better assess recorded status information. All values can be analyzed and evaluated in more detail, enabling a well-founded diagnosis of the condition of your machine or the entire system. You can now identify the likely onset of faults at an early stage, initiate suitable measures based on this information and avoid a failure. In this way, you lay the foundation for a transparent system and increase the performance of your production at the same time.

Data for intelligent manufacturing

Our Smart Automation and Monitoring System also proves its contribution to the Industrial Internet of Things (IloT). In combination with our powerful network technology and cloud computing, SAMS can be used to implement intelligent production. For example, production and IT levels can be seamlessly linked via an edge gateway. This means that nothing stands in the way of comprehensive evaluation and use of your data. And to add yet more value, all components of the Smart Automation and Monitoring System can be operated in the same way from the IT level and configured via standard data profiles. This makes for easy installation and parameterization as well as contactless teaching, for example via a mobile device.

SAMS components in use

1.When manholes are open, neither drives of agitators nor valves may be in operation. Inductive safety sensors take over the manhole monitoring here without a magnetic counterpart or actuator.

2. The intelligent combination of industrial networks with the IO-Link communication standard is the ideal way for ever faster, more flexible, more efficient and more versatile production. This gives you a powerful infrastructure to reliably collect and manage the growing volume of data. You often only need an IO-Link network module (BNI) to collect and pass on the data. With the Balluff Engineering Tool (BET), the IO-Link network module can be parameterized and commissioned easily, safely and quickly. In harsh environmental conditions, the requirements for IO-Link network modules are particularly high. This is because cleaning the system with aggressive media places the highest demands on the modules. The IO-Link network modules from Balluff have a robust plastic housing in a washdown-ready design and are Ecolab certified. This makes them particularly suitable for use in this environment. The modules are equipped with 8 IO-Link ports each; each network module can process up to 16 digital inputs/outputs. The corresponding interfaces enable direct communication to the IT level.

3. Coupling panels serve the manual change point between different pipe routes. Via the coupling bends, the pipelines are connected in different combinations. The query of the coupling bend position is carried out with an inductive sensor (BES), which is resistant to abrasive and aggressive media due to its housing. Their luminous displays are protected against destruction.

4.In the mash tun the ground malt is mixed with water into a mash and heated. Precise temperature measurement is essential here.

5.After the fermentation process, the young beer matures for a certain time in storage tanks before it can be bottled. Balluff BSP pressure sensors reliably detect the level in the tank.

6.The level detection in food production requires sensors that meet these particularly high requirements. Our capacitive immersion probe (BCS) offers convincing performance with its adhesion compensation, detecting the level absolutely reliably, even in the presence of foam. The steel tanks used are prepared for the hygienic installation of the sensors by mounting fittings.

All components shown have the Smart Features of our Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) for condition detection on board, which you can use for further analyses and predictive as well as preventive maintenance.


  • Smart automation and monitoring system – more efficiency in filling and packaging

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