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Automotive Interior

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Automotive Interior

The interior of a vehicle of tomorrow will be strongly influenced and changed by the new megatrends in mobility: Electromobility is creating new construction and design freedoms for vehicle interiors. And if autonomous driving becomes prevalent, other uses will open up for the occupants, as there will be no need to steer the car. These new uses would transform the interior into an experience space and could become a distinguishing feature of car manufacturers. New seating concepts are being designed and smart surfaces and innovative cockpit concepts are gradually taking hold.

No matter how these trends change your production facilities, Balluff supports your future-oriented production with sustainable products. As a long-standing partner of the automotive industry, we offer high-quality sensor, identification and network solutions and software for your plants. In addition, you benefit from our extensive experience, which has been proven in practice in all areas of automotive production. Rely on our expertise to meet the high expectations of your end customers in terms of quality, process reliability and efficiency and to guarantee smooth just-in-time delivery.

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