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The Portable Monitoring System (BPM)

The easiest way to digitally monitor the condition of machines and aggregates

Balluff Portable Monitoring System

Unplanned production downtime causes high costs and usually involves a lot of effort. In addition, the devices to be monitored, such as pumps, aggregates or motors, are usually scattered throughout the entire production. This hardly allows regular manual measurements of, for example, vibration or temperature at the devices. The documentation of the results is time-consuming and error-prone. It is therefore all the more important to efficiently prevent possible future failures.

With the Portable Monitoring System, Balluff offers a cloud-based complete package for the condition monitoring of your plants and machines - consisting of a condition monitoring sensor, mobile gateway and intuitive visualization software. The system is already pre-configured ex works and thus guarantees quick and easy commissioning. Even without prior knowledge of cloud, IT or software development.

The complete condition monitoring package

The Portable Monitoring System consists of three components:

  • The Balluff Condition Monitoring Sensor: With the help of this sensor, you record vibration (3-axis), temperature, ambient humidity and air pressure with just one device.
  • The mobile Gateway: The compact and powerful data box collects sensor data, converts it into a software-compatible format and transmits it via mobile radio (NB-IoT, LTE, 2G) to the cloud. Another special feature: The data box can be operated autonomously with the integrated batteries. If these are empty or there is permanent access to the power supply, it is charged or fed via 24V.
  • The visualization software: Once the condition monitoring data is in the cloud, the data can be accessed easily and securely via a web browser.

Portable Monitoring System

The right solution for many applications

The Portable Monitoring System has been developed for many different applications. For example, you can monitor the vibrations of a pump or the temperature of an extrusion machine decentrally at the outside cabin.

Portable Monitoring SystemDue to the flexibility of the application, the simple installation and commissioning and the transparent and affordable pricing, the Portable Monitoring System is exactly the right solution to start with the topic of condition monitoring.

Most important features and advantages at a glance

  • all from one source: sensor, data transmission and visualization

  • portable data acquisition through gateway with integrated batteries and data transmission via mobile radio

  • optimally suited for condition monitoring of decentralized devices

  • plug and play: unpack, connect, log in - without any prior IT or software knowledge

  • transparent and affordable pricing for easy entry into digitization

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