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Connected Mold-ID: For networking Mold-ID systems

The easy entry into digital tool data management

Connected Mold-ID: For networking Mold-ID systems

Connected Mold-ID is a software solution for networking all Mold-ID systems. This allows all data from injection molds to be recorded in a central database, which is recorded with Mold-ID via RFID.

In the browser-based application you can view your tool stock, all tool details and the entire history with all documented uses in the machine park. You can also view the status of maintenance.

With Connected Mold-ID, each tool can be reworked depending on its condition instead of preventive maintenance. This condition-based maintenance enables optimal tool utilization. Connected Mold-ID enables transparency, supports your planning and guarantees you continuous process monitoring. All these are factors of intelligent production and a step towards the factory of the future.

Your benefits

  • Low-cost and simple entry into digital tool management
  • Documentation of the tool life cycle and recording of production cycles through an autonomous system
  • Instead of loss of information, high data security: all data available directly on the mold and in the database, accessed via standard web browser
  • Optimal mold changes by visualization of inspection intervals on the system and in the software
  • Efficient mold management - continuous process monitoring and planning, an overview of the entire mold inventory, mold details and machinery in browser application
  • Networking of all Mold-ID systems and recording of injection mold data in central database on internal server (on-premise solution)


  • Connected Mold-ID – collecting tool data with RFID
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