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Portable Monitoring System

Condition monitoring has never been easier

With the Portable Monitoring System you can monitor your machines and plants at any time and from any place. This simple monitoring of machine conditions at a glance allows you to increase the availability of your production plant.

The advantages of the system

  • Everything comes from a single source: With our system, you get everything you need to monitor your plants: hardware, connectivity and software. You can save the time spent searching for the right overall solution and instead invest in plant optimization.
  • Also works for decentralized devices: Are your motors, pumps or other devices widely scattered across the entire production site? No problem. With the self-sufficient Portable Monitoring System, you can record and send data independently of an energy supply and IT infrastructure.
  • No previous IT knowledge is necessary: Our solution is Plug & Play. That means you simply unpack it, connect it, log in and the sensor data is visualized on your dashboard. And it's all self-explanatory and intuitive. This means no prior knowledge of cloud, IT or software development is necessary.
  • Affordable and plannable: Thanks to transparent and affordable pricing, there are no hurdles to getting started with the digitalization of your production.

The components of the system

1. The sensor
With the Balluff Condition Monitoring Sensor, you get a multi-functional sensor for monitoring your condition data. Vibration (3-axis), temperature, humidity and ambient pressure are recorded in one device.

2. The gateway
The compact and powerful gateway collects sensor data, converts it into a software-readable format and transmits it to the cloud via cellular (LTE, 2G). Once the condition monitoring data is in the cloud, it can be easily accessed via a web browser.

The gateway can be operated like a laptop with its integrated batteries. If the batteries are empty or there is permanent access to a power supply, it is charged or powered via 24V.

3. The software
Visualizing the condition monitoring data is the main focus. Access is quick and easy — the software can be started from any end device via the web browser. Nothing needs to be installed or approved by IT. A simple login via user name and password is sufficient. This gives you an overview of your systems whenever and wherever you want, in an uncomplicated, secure and flexible way.

The most important features of the software at a glance

  • Display of minimum and maximum values

  • E-mail alarm function when limit values are exceeded or undershot

  • 1-click data export

  • User administration

  • Alarm protocol and logging

  • Sensor configuration


Our system is optimized for your application. Whether you want to record vibrations, temperatures or other condition data in your production, our Portable Monitoring System offers you an individual and suitable solution.

Implementation: 5 easy steps to get your Portable Monitoring System up and running

  1. Mount the sensor at the appropriate location in your production. For example with the suitable magnetic holder BAM03FA.

  2. Connect the sensor to the gateway.

  3. Connect a power supply to the gateway.

  4. Register at and create a company account.

  5. Connect your device to the company account.

Configure your system


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