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Intelligent solutions for the automotive industry

Stay in the passing lane

Intelligent solutions for the automotive industry

Balluff is all about autonomous production, with intelligent and networked solutions that make you and your production ready for the future. Balluff is the right partner for the automotive industry and for automotive suppliers, ensuring that you can sustainably meet the challenges of flexibility, equipment availability, quality, and data management.

We help you advance the automotive industry

Automobile and auto parts production demands high precision and efficiency. Our intelligent sensor, identification and network solutions help you increase your productivity, minimize downtime and ensure the highest quality in your production. With future-oriented technologies, market-oriented solutions and industry expertise we advance automation in the various branches of vehicle assembly. Read on to see how we are advancing automation in welding, stamping and joining, battery manufacturing, powertrain, tire manufacturing and coating and painting.

New alliances for automation in the automotive industry

In open exchange with trade associations, universities and research facilities, as well as in close contact with our customers, we create and improve upon industry solutions or for example the digital communication standard IO-Link. With innovative Balluff solutions you are well equipped for a successful future.

Everything from a single source

Balluff offers the automotive industry and automotive suppliers a broad spectrum of solutions, with sensors, identification and network solutions, including IO-Link interoperability, a wide variety of RFID technologies, vision solutions, safety sensors and more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you optimize entire systems as well single process steps.

Our services

  • Whoever you are We work closely with machine and systems builders, systems integrators, planning offices and maintenance staff so that we can continuously develop our solutions and offer you exactly what you need. Wherever you do your work: We can assist you on-site with our global network of technical consultants, sales and after-sales services.

  • Approval lists and project manuals: We provide you with custom tailored product data to keep your projects runing smoothly. You get clearly structured, project-specific manuals and approval lists. And personal contacts from Balluff are at your side throughout the entire project.

  • Individual services: With individual e-catalogs, application-specific product modifications, holistic software and systems solutions, and comprehensive logistics concepts, we find the right solution for you.


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