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Welding: Reliably monitor welding processes and increase plant availability

Quality control begins during the manufacturing process. Only in this way can you quickly respond to deficiencies and prevent expensive rework and returns. Our intelligent SmartCameras automate visual inspections to ensure high product quality, for example, of weld seams. And you can easily monitor equipment conditions with the Balluff IO-Link SmartLight stack lights, which visualize the output signals from the sensors. Now you can recognize irregularities and trends in time to prevent critical operating states.

Welding creates harsh conditions: Flying sparks and metal and weld spatter can cause heat damage or stick to sensors and cables and impair their functionality. Balluff has a wide selection of weld-immune sensors with the appropriate cables and accessories. Designed with stainless steel faces or ceramic coatings, these sensors are tough enough to have a long life when used directly in the welding area. Their reliability in these conditions increases the quality and equipment availability in production. Our I/O and network modules optimized for welding applications also ensure reliable signal transmission in electromagnetic interference fields.

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