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Flat magnetic targets for angle measurement systems

Highly accurate, robust and fast, even in the tightest spaces

Rotary position detection in a torque motor

Compact BML magnetic encoder systems from Balluff were developed for precise positioning and speed detection in highly dynamic applications. These particularly thin magnetically encoded disks expand Balluff's portfolio. Balluff's magnetically coded disks are characterized by their precision and high-quality magnetization.

They work without using a reference point, so the exact position of the drive is known at all times. Even on large diameters, the system maintains its high accuracy, and their small size makes them easy to integrate into extremely compact electric drives and drive axes. For high volume applications, these disks with absolute encoding can be easily combined with commercially available off-axis encoder ICs, or you can choose one of Balluff's matching sensor modules.

Precise positioning for tool pivoting or motor control

Torque motors are being built in smaller and smaller sizes to match the requirements of increasingly demanding applications that require high power density. Their low-profile design is one of their greatest advantages, since it allows them to be built into applications almost invisibly. However, this design also poses a challenge for measuring systems that must be integrated into the motor to ensure precise feedback from the coil to the controller.

Rotary magnetic encoder systems from Balluff with flat magnetic disk targets are the perfect solution here: the disks can be easily installed in the tightest of spaces, in any motor size and in harsh conditions. They record absolute rotary movements precisely for motor control and position regulation. This means the tool pivoting system in your machining centers are always positioned precisely, are also insensitive to dirt and vibration and are entirely maintenance-free, even over long periods of time.


  • Easy to integrate thanks to low overall height
  • Different diameters available
  • High resolution and edge accuracy, precise absolute measurement
  • Robust, dirt-resistant, durable


  • Flat magnetic targets for angle measurement systems