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HF data carriers (13.56 MHz)

HF (13.56 MHz)

Available in:

110 versions

Data carriers accompany the workpieces through the entire production process. In this context, they are in part exposed to extreme conditions from high temperatures, metal enclosure, and environmental other influences. Our HF data carriers withstand the high demands of such environments. Balluff's broad portfolio means you will always find the right product to fit any application or conditions.


  • Passive data carrier: The data and the required power are inductively coupled by the read/write head
  • All data carriers have a unique ID number; this number is read-only and cannot be modified
  • Can be used all over the world thanks to ISO 15693 conformity
  • EEPROM data carrier, up to 992 byte memory
  • FRAM data carrier with up to 128 kB for almost unlimited feed cycles
  • Attachment by adhesion or screws
  • High level of protection up to IP68/69K
  • A wide variety of properties, such as installation on metal, high temperature, etc.
  • For time-critical applications: Balluff high-speed data carriers are up to eight times faster than ISO 15693
  • Special key data carriers for transfer systems that are read/write on two sides
  • Data carriers available in compact sizes
  • Databolts are easy to attach to the object and can then be quickly detached


110 versions

Order code Price Housing material Dimension UID serial number, read-only Memory type User data, read/write Ambient temperature Storage temperature


BIS M-111-02/L
25.62 USD PA 6 Ø 30 x 2.8 mm 8 Byte FRAM 2000 Byte -25...85 °C -25...85 °C


BIS M-112-02/L
26.1 USD PA 6 Ø 50 x 3.3 mm 8 Byte FRAM 2000 Byte -25...85 °C -25...85 °C


BIS M-120-01/L
19.39 USD PVC 54 x 0.76 x 85.6 mm 4 Byte EEPROM 752 Byte -25...70 °C -25...70 °C


BIS M-151-02/A
53.45 USD PPS, GF40, With EP potting 22 x 6.5 x 40 mm 8 Byte FRAM 2000 Byte -25...70 °C


BIS M-143-02/A-M8
145.39 USD Steel, Data carrier: PA12-GF30, coated Ø 22 x 21 mm 8 Byte FRAM 2000 Byte -25...70 °C -25...95 °C


BIS M-182-03/L
9.94 USD Ø 22 x 3 mm 8 Byte EEPROM 112 Byte -40...85 °C -40...85 °C


BIS M-101-01/L
19.66 USD Epoxy-resin/fiberglass, GF Ø 30 x 1 mm 4 Byte EEPROM 752 Byte -25...70 °C -25...85 °C


BIS M-102-01/L
20.38 USD Epoxy-resin/fiberglass, GF Ø 50 x 1 mm 4 Byte FRAM 752 Byte -25...70 °C -25...85 °C


BIS M-105-01/A
65.87 USD Epoxy-resin/fiberglass, GF Ø 11.98 x 6 mm 4 Byte EEPROM 752 Byte -25...70 °C -25...85 °C


BIS M-105-02/A
74.57 USD Epoxy-resin/fiberglass, GF Ø 11.98 x 6 mm 8 Byte FRAM 2000 Byte -25...70 °C -25...85 °C