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We have good news

Over 10,000 products are currently available to be shipped for you in the webshop

Currently, we all have to wait for desired products, both in our private lives and in business, sometimes for a very long time. This situation has a significant impact on current production and future projects. To help you plan with confidence, there is good news for you:

At Balluff, a large number of products are available directly from us, ready to be shipped. In the web store, using the My Balluff customer portal, you can view this availability information at the product level. But don't wait too long to place your order, because sales in the interim are possible at any time.

And if a desired product is not available? You can see alternatives by adjusting the product properties in the webshop.

Immediately available

In the Balluff webshop, this symbol shows that this product is available now for you. Sort the product sequence by availability to get a quick overview of the options.

Alternative products

With the new "Change configuration" function, recognizable by the gearwheel symbol, you can choose which attributes you want to retain and then have possible alternative products displayed in the Balluff webshop. We explain in detail how this works in this video.

Your other benefits of using the webshop

  • With the My Balluff customer portal, you can order products quickly and easily online

  • Your prices are calculated based on your individual terms and are shown for you in the shopping cart

  • You can see the current status of your orders at any time and receive tracking information after the order has been shipped

Products available in large quantities for a wide range of tasks

Visit the sections below to see many products that are available now. This will enable you to build your projects with Balluff quality. For products that are not available, we remain committed to improving the current situation.

Good to know: Real-time availability display with delivery date
On the individual product pages, you can check availability data with the approximate quantity and expected delivery date in real time.

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