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Contrast sensors

Photoelectric sensors

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1 Series

Contrast sensors are high-resolution diffuse sensors that distinguish objects based on their gray values. The robust BKT contrast sensors from Balluff detect even small differences in contrast, have a high switching frequency up to 30 kHz, and are especially fast. They enable high positioning accuracy and are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as in the printing and packaging industries.

The special features of our contrast sensors

  • Pinpoint accurate switching for fast processes with a high switching frequency of up to 30 kHz
  • Different light types (laser, red/green/blue or white light)
  • Large ranges with laser
  • Clearly visible light points for easy alignment
  • Pulse extensions
  • Outside teach-in possible
  • Also available with analog output signal
  • Easily adjustable via the display (also available without)
  • Different model series for different applications

Product guide for object recognition

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1 Series

Series Interface Range min. Range max. Light type Connection type Housing material primary Style Housing


Contrast scanners
IO-Link, Analog, voltage, PNP/NPN, Push-Pull/IO-Link, PNP 6 mm 21 mm RGB, Red light, White light, Blue light, Green light Cable, Connector Zinc, Aluminium, ABS, PBT block style, Ø 18 mm

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