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HF read/write heads and antennas (13.56 MHz)

HF (13.56 MHz)

Available in:

18 versions

Application-specific HF read/write heads and antennas from Balluff are simple to integrate into your system. They support the global standard ISO 15693 and in part ISO 14443A. Their industrial grade design and rugged housing with IP67 protection class make them suitable for use in harsh environments. Their range depends on the combination of read/write head and data carrier that is used.

HF read/write heads with IO-Link interface are now available. For applications where – with little data – production progress, batch number, or quality data must be economically logged.


  • Status indicated directly on the read/write head: easy commissioning, minimum downtimes
  • Up to four read/write heads can be connected to the BIS V processor units
  • Connection via M12 plug connectors, cable length 50 m
  • Read/write heads for the flush installation in metal
  • M12 designs with integrated antenna
  • Special read/write heads available for situations such as transfer systems with simple installation, with no need for additional mounting brackets
  • HF loop antennas for long ranges up to 400 mm
  • Customized designs possible
  • Tool ID components available in the same design as the BIS C read/write heads

18 versions

Order code Price Dimension Housing material Ambient temperature


BIS VM-301-001-S4
1480.4 MYR 80 x 40 x 84.5 mm PBT 0...70 °C


BIS VM-351-401-S4
1537.15 MYR 80 x 40 x 84.5 mm PBT 0...70 °C


BIS VM-341-401-S4
1480.4 MYR 80 x 40 x 84.5 mm PBT 0...70 °C


BIS VM-355-401-S4
1600.86 MYR 40 x 15 x 105 mm Zinc, Die casting, nickel-plated 0...70 °C


BIS VM-345-401-S4
1537.15 MYR 40 x 15 x 105 mm Zinc, Die casting, nickel-plated 0...70 °C


BIS VM-343-401-S4
1353.61 MYR Ø 14.5 x 55 mm Brass, nickel-plated 0...70 °C


BIS VM-920
2293.68 MYR 112 x 48 x 97 mm Aluminium -20...50 °C


BIS M-372-000-A01
4266.73 MYR 200 x 42.4 x 218 mm PA -20...50 °C


BIS M-371-000-A01
2494.7 MYR 113.4 x 42.4 x 118 mm PA -20...50 °C


BIS VM-343-501/05-S115
1638 MYR Ø 14.5 x 82.1 mm Brass, nickel-plated 0...70 °C

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