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Pressure Sensors with Display

With extended functionality and a high IP rating for flexible application

Pressure sensors with display

In machines with high utilization it is important to detect and be able to assess all the machine parameters. This is especially true in metalworking.

Modern milling or turning centers have a hydraulic circuit for both the tool and workpiece changing. To ensure the correct clamping of the tool and workpiece, you must monitor the process pressure of the respective hydraulic circuit.

The new Balluff pressure sensors with display offer you an outstanding instrument for achieving this. This generation comes standard with IP67 protection, and even offers the option of IP69K. In addition to this exclusive feature the sensors also offer expanded functionality: Configurable outputs let you make flexible use of the pressure sensors and take advantage of their comprehensive diagnostic functions for condition monitoring.

The configurable outputs provide control using IO-Link while reading out an analog value or the set switching point. You can also use IO-Link to detect and, when needed, eliminate the pressure peaks in the circuit. All of the features help deliver high machine uptime.


  • Flexible application with configurable outputs: analog, digital and IO-Link
  • Can withstand harsh environments – highest IP rating in the market (IP67, optional IP69K) and temperature range of –40…+125 °C
  • Additional diagnostic functions: Supplies information on run hours, pressure peak counter and internal temperature trend
  • One system – from the sensor to networking and connectivity in a single source

Pressure sensors with display


  • Pressure sensors with display – the new generation

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