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Lighting options for vision systems and machines

Optimum lighting conditions for your application

Lighting options for vision systems

Image processing always depends on the right lighting. Balluff offers a wide array of robust auxiliary lights for your different installation spaces and tasks.

The energy-saving and long-lasting LED technology is impressive with homogeneous optical properties. Moreover, Balluff lighting options guarantee eye safety in accordance with IEC 62471. You can select between red light, white light, infrared light or laser variants.

The most important benefits

  • The highest quality (extensive EMC tests, high protection class)
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Simple startup

Dark field lights

  • Reliably check for scratches, pits and impurities on surfaces
  • Light field size Ø 90 mm
  • High-quality housing, IP54

Background lights

  • Check dimensions and shapes regardless of material or surface properties
  • Various light field sizes 25 × 25 mm to 300 × 200 mm
  • Extremely flat design
  • High-quality housing, IP54 or IP69K
  • Also available in stainless steel

Ring lights

  • The additional incident light with powerful LEDs
  • Light field size Ø 100/60 mm
  • High-quality housing, IP54
  • Large inspection distances realizable
  • Diffuser attachment for preventing interference reflections available

Strip lights

  • Check features using generated shadows
  • Light field sizes 10 × 95 mm to 10 × 195 mm
  • Almost rimless design, making stacking and arrangement in rows possible
  • High-quality housing, IP54
  • Mounting bracket makes it possible to configure as a square or rectangle or frame

Coaxial lights

  • Ideal for highly reflective, imprinted or dirty surfaces and for needled codes
  • Light field sizes 50 × 50 mm and 100 × 100 mm
  • High-quality housing, IP54

Spot lights

  • Illuminate areas with point accuracy
  • Various sizes M12, M18, M30
  • Large inspection distances
  • High-quality housing, IP67

Line lasers

  • Detect and measure defects, diameters, edges, gaps and levels
  • Can be triggered, focuses and modulated
  • Line, grid, matrix, point and cross projection in red, blue and green
  • M18 and M12 versions
  • High-quality housing, IP67
  • Laser Class 1M or 2M
  • Inspection distances up to 2000 mm
  • Adjustable brightness and zoom

Machine lights

  • The highest quality (extensive EMC tests, high protection class)
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Simple startup
  • Rugged, long service life