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Condition Monitoring, Analysis and Diagnosis

Your plant and its machines under control - with the Smart Automation and Monitoring System

Condition Monitoring, Analysis and Diagnosis

All components of the Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) from Balluff contribute to the condition monitoring of your entire plant. With the data provided by the SAMS, you can perform quick or extensive analyses and make well-founded diagnoses to reduce planned and unplanned machine downtime and keep production losses to a minimum, whether in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics or packaging industries. The SAMS meets the high requirements of all these industries.

Using its meaningful condition monitoring with reliable visualization, you set the course for efficient planning of your predictive maintenance. This enables you to significantly improve the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). By ensuring machine and plant health, these causes of productivity losses in production can be simply eliminated, while machine and plant availability is significantly increased.

Condition monitoring

The Smart Automation and Monitoring System provides you with all of its status data everywhere, uniformly and immediately via its associated components, depending on whether you have integrated it in a machine or in your entire production line. Information can be displayed with a colored LED (on the device itself) or on dashboards. This visualization allows you to immediately recognize the system status and locate any errors directly.

Analyze the collected data

For an exact analysis, the acquired data can be clearly visualized in tables, graphics or reports. This allows you to see the condition of your machine at a glance and to evaluate it in detail at any time.

Comprehensive diagnosis (predictive and preventive maintenance)

In addition, you can use the data and information from your analysis to recognize emerging trends and consider possible steps to take. This is the decisive step for maintenance readiness or spare parts planning.

Where data is created and how it can be used

In addition to the primary task of the sensor components, such as measuring, detecting, identifying or checking, the SAMS devices have additional functions on board that provide you with data. These include, for example, temperature detection, vibration monitoring or a signal quality display. This results in another concrete benefit: additional hardware that normally performs such tasks is no longer required. Also the range of products you need and the number of variants you use are significantly reduced.

The ping function allows you to find components in the system quickly and easily. This is an advantage if the components report data that indicate irregularities in the process. You are thus directly informed and can intervene immediately.

Smart features, such as the operating hours counter, integrated counting function or the boot cycle counter, provide you with additional background information that enables you to better assess the status information that has been recorded. All values can be analyzed and evaluated with greater scrutiny, enabling a well-founded diagnosis of your machine or the entire system. You can now identify the likely causes of errors at an early stage, initiate appropriate measures and directly prevent a failure. In addition, this information can be used to draw conclusions for optimal use of machines in the future. If you consistently use the system diagnostics, you increase the transparency of your plant and increase your plant performance.

Data for intelligent production

By combining our powerful network technology and cloud computing, the SAMS enables intelligent manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things. This means that production and IT levels can be seamlessly linked, for example, via an edge gateway. All components of the SAMS can be operated and configured in the same way. This makes installation, parameterization and configuration (with standard data profiles) simple, safe and uniform. In addition, the SAMS components can be taught wirelessly, for example by a mobile device. This allows data to be transferred in the same way from the production level to the IT level, so nothing stands in the way of comprehensive evaluation and use of your data.

SAMS components in use

Here is an example of how you can use the Smart Features of the Smart Automation and Monitoring System from Balluff. To do this, we will address possible weaknesses in filling and packaging on a selective basis.

(1) By using our software you will receive comprehensive reports for continuous monitoring. These reports are based on the SAMS data (using the setpoint/actual values and your requirements) and can be displayed, for example, on a dashboard placed directly on your machine. This convenient visualization helps you to stay up to date and detect any deviations.

(2) Inclination deviations during filling may indicate an adjustment (due to external influences) on the sensor. It is also possible that an entire machine part was installed incorrectly. Checking the inclination values before the system starts can help you avoid a stoppage.

(3) Moisture can influence the behavior of the packing material; on the basis of deviating actual values, you can draw conclusions immediately and react in time before, for example, materials are damaged or not packed properly.

(4) Irregularities in the vibration profile of the conveyor line give an indication of a possible defect. By detecting them, errors that lead to failure cannot even occur.


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