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UHF data carriers (860...960 MHz)

UHF (860/960 MHz)

Available in:

22 versions

Data carriers, or "tags", label the object to be identified and furnish it with additional information. This information can be read, written, and saved using a password. The data carriers can store product, process and quality data to provide reliable information about the product life cycle.

Our modern UHF data carriers conform to the highest industrial requirements.They are built to withstand high temperatures, humidity, chemicals, and still reliably detect even in metal surroundings.

In contrast to bar codes, RFID tags are also readable without optical line of sight and are therefore resistant to soiling. The required energy for the passive data carriers is inductively coupled by the read/write head or derived from the electromagnetic wave radiated by the antenna.


  • Our broad product portfolio offers countless application possibilities with the many different dimensions and designs.
  • All data carriers have a unique, unalterable identification number (TID) and an individually programmable EPC (Electronic Product Code)
  • Global standards ISO 18000-6C or EPC Gen2 Class1
  • Freely writable user memory range up to 112 bytes
  • Some data carrier variants with additional password protection
  • Assembly options: adhesive or screws
  • Variants for direct mounting on metal available
  • Very cost-effective, self-adhesive "Smart Labels" available for one-time applications (remain on the product)
  • Wide range of data carriers to meet the requirements of many different industrial applications
  • Optimum harmonization with the reading system
  • Low-cost tags make mass applications economically feasible
  • Special silicone-free data carriers for the automobile industry
  • Special temperature-resistant tags up to 220°C
  • Customer-specific custom-tailored variants possible


22 Results

Order code Price Dimension Housing material User data, read/write EPC memory, read/write TID memory, read-only Ambient temperature Storage temperature


BIS U-100-01/CA
6.93 EUR 37.2 x 7 x 127 mm PA 12, GF30 512 Bit 96 Bit 96 Bit -40...85 °C -40...85 °C


BIS U-100-02/CA
6.93 EUR 37.2 x 7 x 127 mm PA 12, GF30 512 Bit 96 Bit 96 Bit -40...85 °C -40...85 °C


BIS U-102-05/CA-HT
106.15 EUR 52 x 11.5 x 128 mm PPS 512 Bit 240 Bit 64 Bit -40...85 °C -40...85 °C


BIS U-101-04/CA-HT
69.07 EUR 51.5 x 6.4 x 51.5 mm PPS 512 Bit 240 Bit 64 Bit -40...85 °C -40...85 °C


BIS U-101-04/CA
20.1 EUR 51.5 x 6.4 x 51.5 mm ABS 512 Bit 240 Bit 64 Bit -20...85 °C -40...85 °C


BIS U-142-06/CA-M8-GY
29.46 EUR Ø 22 x 26 mm Steel, Data carrier: PA 12-GF30 gray, coated 512 Bit 96 Bit 96 Bit -25...85 °C -25...95 °C


BIS U-142-07/CA-M8-GY
Ø 22 x 26 mm Steel, Data carrier: PA 12-GF30 gray, coated 512 Bit 96 Bit 96 Bit -25...85 °C -25...95 °C


BIS U-150-N4/CAA
0.23 EUR 20 × 44.45 mm Paper 0 Bit 128 Bit 64 Bit -20...80 °C -20...80 °C


BIS U-151-M2/CAA
0.35 EUR 54 × 34 mm Paper 512 Bit 128 Bit 96 Bit -40...85 °C -40...85 °C