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MATRIX VISION GmbH, which joined the Balluff Group in 2017, has been an innovator in the field of industrial image processing since its founding in 1986. Our industrial cameras are recognized for their high image quality, robustness, and FPGA- and image memory-based smart features. A wide selection of sensors and interfaces rounds out our compact camera series.

Thanks to our modular camera designs, our standard products are an ideal basis for OEM projects, customized products, and new product developments. Smart features built into our products perform tasks in the camera, improving implementation quality. Reduced use of cables and controllers and a lower load on the host PC mean your overall system is simpler, saving you time and money.

Our priorities:

  • Strive to find the ideal solution that meets your goal

  • Reduce your time-to-market, giving you a competitive advantage

  • Offer comprehensive, personal customer service and support in all project phases with fast response times

  • Share knowledge through customized, interactive workshops and training

  • Maintain top quality standards and longer-than-average solution availability

Product families

USB Vision

The USB3 Vision standard enables plug-and-play operation that makes cameras easy to integrate. These cameras have transfer speeds up to 5 Gbit/s at cable lengths up to 8 meters. With lockable cable connectors as part of the USB3 Vision standard, installation is secure.

MATRIX VISION offers USB3 Vision cameras in many configurations:

  • Cameras and board-level cameras with e2v / Aptina sensors

  • Cameras and board-level cameras with Sony Pregius CMOS sensors

  • Compact USB3 Vision board-level cameras for embedded vision

  • Cameras with hi-res Sony CMOS sensors

GigE Vision

Gigabit Ethernet is a global networking standard that is universally available. This interface supports a net bandwidth of 1 Gbit/s and can be doubled with Link Aggregation to 2 Gbit/s. With a maximum cable length of 100 m, they are well suited to applications with long distances and existing network infrastructures.

MATRIX VISION offers GigE Vision cameras in many configurations:

  • Cameras with GigE and Dual GigE interfaces

  • Cameras with Sony Pregius and Sony Polarsens CMOS sensors with global shutter

  • Cameras with Sony Starvis CMOS sensor with rolling shutter

  • Cameras with Aptina / CMOSIS / e2v CMOS sensors

Embedded vision

Whether for small installation spaces or special tasks that require innovative image processing solutions, embedded vision solutions are increasingly popular. The performance improvements of single-board computers provide an additional boost, making many different inspection and identification applications possible.

Cameras with the "BFembedded Interface" provide numerous connections: 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, a UART interface for serial communication, an I2C two-wire serial interface, and USB 3.0. We also offer a comprehensive camera kit based on a board-to-board connector system. The power supply, USB, and digital I/Os can all be connected using the connector.

MATRIX VISION offers embedded vision products with the "BFembedded Interface":

  • Compact USB3 Vision board-level camera with Sony Starvis rolling shutter sensors

  • Compact USB3 Vision board-level camera with Sony Pregius global shutter and Starvis rolling shutter sensors

And embedded vision products without the "BFembedded Interface":

  • USB3 Vision board-level camera with e2v / Aptina sensors

  • USB3 Vision board-level camera with Sony Pregius CMOS sensors

  • Low-cost USB 2.0 board-level cameras


When you have technical requirements for hardware or software that are beyond the standard product spectrum, MATRIX VISION Customized Products (CuP) can offer an answer. This program can also be used to create products that match your corporate design or are configured with a software freeze that ensures consistent product configuration.

Because of our modular toolbox design approach, we can realize customer-specific adaptations quickly and in a flexible way, guarantee that development costs that arise are reduced to the most significant points to keep costs low, and implement customer-specific adaptations even for small production series.

Component areas that can be customized:

  • Filters

  • Housings

  • Lens holders

  • Software/firmware

  • Electronics

Custom development

In many areas of technology, medicine and biology, image-producing processes are conducted which do not make use of optical sensors. To produce useful information in these processes, we create algorithms that can be partly implemented in software and partly in specially developed hardware. MATRIX VISION’s concentration in developing components and solutions in digital image processing make this achievable.

Typical applications for custom development:

  • Raster electron microscopes

  • Laser scanning microscopes

  • X-ray sensors

  • Ultrasonic sensors

  • Stereo cameras

  • Duplex cameras

Contact us

Frantisek (Frank) Jakubec

MATRIX VISION Technical Sales Specialist
(859) 727-2200
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