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Inductive Couplers with IO-Link and Condition Monitoring Capability

New Balluff M30 inductive couplers offer IP67 rating and extended temperature range

Balluff’s new M30 high power inductive couplers deliver up to 1.5 A of continuous output current and use COM3 IO-Link, the fastest IO-Link interface available. This enables quick, wireless data transfers between the IO-Link device and IO-Link master, as well as sending power for sensors and actuators.

The inductive couplers are part of the Balluff Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS). All SAMS products include condition monitoring features and advanced IO-Link data reporting capabilities in washdown-ready housings. Specifically, these inductive couplers measure internal temperature and provide an operating hours counter. Additionally, they feature a configurable second IO-Link channel which can be used for condition monitoring, as well as for process and diagnostic data. By providing data about machine condition, these smart features allow users to optimize performance of their machines and the entire plant. Data can be used to determine preventative maintenance needs and improve processes and efficiencies, thereby minimizing downtime and reducing costs.

Like all inductive couplers, this pair (emitter and receiver) transmit power across a small air gap, eliminating hardware failures that can occur when slip rings, connectors, or other electromechanical connections wear out. Their IP67 rating, stainless steel housing, and extended temperature range of –5 to +70 °C, make then an idea choice for any industry where data and power transmission via cable is difficult, even those with harsh conditions.

“These are a great addition to our SAMS portfolio. The embedded condition monitoring is a functionality that customers are looking for and I think they will be excited that we are offering it,” said Rob Yurjevich, director of sales for Balluff.

Key features

  • Transparent, bidirectional COM2/COM3 IO-Link communication

  • Second IO-Link channel for condition monitoring

  • Output current 1.5 A (max. 2 A) at 0...3 mm

  • M30 stainless steel housing in IP67 with UL approval

  • Operating temperature range –5…+70 °C

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