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New Family of Light Bands Available in 8 Sizes from 10 to 300 mm

New Balluff light bands deliver high repeat accuracy, easily detect water

A new family of light bands from Balluff offer best in market detection and high repeat accuracy. And with eight lengths from 10 to 300 mm, they can meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

With their compact design, the light bands can be easily integrated into tight mounting spaces. They offer a usable working distance of 10 to 500 mm, and five of the group use a higher than standard infrared range of 950 nm. This wavelength allows them to provide five times better absorption characteristics, meaning they can easily detect water and water-based liquids than can be difficult to detect with a standard visible light sensor.

The light bands can be used in all industries and in a wide range of applications, including error proofing, metal working, presence detection, surface detection, level detection and part measurement.

The light bands are available with

  • Analog amplifiers which allow use of the full signal range in an applications and precise signal control

  • Switching amplifiers which makes repeat accuracies of less than 50 μm possible

  • Dynamic amplifiers which allow for the detection of very small falling objects over the entire field of measurement

Key features

  • High repeat accuracy

  • Good linearity

  • Compact design

  • Large variety of types

  • Usable working distance 10...500 mm

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