Introducing our strategic incubation programs

For us, "innovating automation" is not just a branding claim, but a standard we set for ourselves. That is why we created IDEAbiz, a space for new, innovative work which enables us to develop selected business ideas quickly and in a target-oriented manner.

For example, our strategic incubation programs follow an agile approach - the explorative development of new and innovative business ideas within the framework of the Lean Startup method. In lean and agile processes we develop a concept for selected concrete use cases in constant coordination and review with potential customers. This way, an innovative idea becomes a custom-fit solution for your problem, with a high degree of standardization.

Would you like to learn more about our individual concepts? Here is an overview of our currently running strategic incubation programs:

Portable Monitoring System

Portable Monitoring System logo

With the Portable Monitoring System, you receive a complete cloud-based package for condition monitoring of your production facilities, already preconfigured to work and therefore quick and easy to implement.

Condition Monitoring Toolkit

Condition Monitoring Toolkit logo

The Condition Monitoring Toolkit (CMTK) is a flexible, integrated system for monitoring plants and processes. We support you in improving your processes and avoiding unplanned downtime. The system can be put together individually for every application because it offers plug-and-play with over 6000 IO-Link sensors.

Smart Reordering System

Smart Reordering System logo

With the Smart Reordering System you can manage your stock levels flexibly and intelligently. Our system offers you a solution for dynamic inventory management and automated stock control.

Quick and easy format change

Guided Format Change, a stand-alone solution from Balluff, guides the machine operator quickly and safely through the format adjustment process, ensuring the correct positioning of guide rails and the complete change of format parts. This makes your production equipment available again more quickly. You can easily retrofit any machine without having to intervene in the machine controls.

Further information about Guided Format Change

Detection of hidden or invisible objects

Our imaging radar system enables you to make hidden and obscured objects visible. Whether for checking completeness in packages or for detecting foreign objects, with our system you have a complete overview.

Further information will follow shortly.