Easy Tool-ID 2.0
Easy Tool-ID 2.0

The simple way to identify tools

Easy Tool-ID 2.0 supports machine operators by securely and quickly getting tool data to the machine tool. The system drastically reduces setup times and incorrect entries. All the information is available to you at any time through the 7" display.

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In addition, you can manually update your tool data from the touch display. This allows tool wear to be consistently documented and the tool life always remains up-to-date on the RFID chip. This guarantees optimal tool usage.

Because you simply connect Easy Tool-ID to the machine tool via USB, no complex and expensive integration is necessary. Configuration from the web browser is equally effortless.


  • Reduction of setup times and wrong entries: Send tool data securely and quickly via USB
  • All data shown in plain text: Check all tool data on the touch display
  • Optimal tool utilization: Manual updating of the tool data using the touch display
  • Retrofitting with little effort: Simple configuration via web browser, no alteration to the machine tool, short downtimes


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