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Spindles, chucks, rotary and swivel tables

We know what is needed for machine builders to lead

When it comes to machine builders, the one in the lead is the one whose offerings can closely match the requirements of their customers. Both in size scaling and in functionality.

To take advantage of these market opportunities economically, individual solutions are increasingly devised from modules and assemblies.

Such mechatronic components, which are made up of actuators and integrated sensors, must optimally perform their tasks even in limited space conditions. They are intelligent enough to adapt to very diverse installation situations and machine dimensions. In this way, they ensure valuable benefits for you in competition.

Application examples

Monitoring clamping distances with binary sensors
Monitoring clamping distances with a distance sensor
Monitoring clamping distances with positioning system
Sending signals and data on swivel tables
Determining travel on rotary tables
Detecting piston position in clamping cylinders