Balluff at EMO 2019

Preliminary trade show report

Innovative machine concepts using machine data will be a focus of sensor and automation specialist Balluff at EMO 2019 in Hall 9, Booth C01. The long-time partner of machine builders and factory automation providers will demonstrate among other things how system productivity can be significantly increased through anticipatory planning of maintenance and servicing. The requisite basis are intelligent sensors that provide the required input directly from the machine.

Preliminary trade show report EMO 2019 (ZIP file)

Inductive sensors with integrated self-diagnostics for example, such as the dynamic sensor control sensors, output not only switching and error signals but also warning and trend messages. They provide a picture of quality deviations during production in real-time. Inductive sensors with IO-Link technology also provide additional data such as sensor temperature.

Sensors for process monitoring

Process monitoring with a thermal flow controller

Process monitoring with a thermal flow controller

Process sensors such as the thermal flow controllers use direct contact to detect flow and temperature of liquid media on machine tools, pumps and compressors, and help to keep the temperature constant and productivity high.

Balluff pressure sensors provide machine data directly from the hydraulic system. They can also be used for process monitoring and error detection. Measured pressure trends provide detailed information about the machine status and are ideal for condition and deviation analysis. Hydrostatic level measurement is another area of application. Here slowly changing levels can be detected and automatically trigger logistics and procurement processes.

HEARTBEAT® power supply units with diagnostics functions

Also featured will be HEARTBEAT® power supply units with diagnostics functions. Using IO-Link they tell the user when there is an overload, that the ambient conditions have worsened, or warn of an impending failure. This allows unplanned downtimes to be prevented, since a replacement can be made as part of a scheduled maintenance activity. And changes in the current consumption can provide clues about the condition of the system.

Heartbeat® power supply units feature comprehensive diagnostic functions

Heartbeat® power supply units feature comprehensive diagnostic functions

Use interchangeable tools more efficiently

Machine tool with Easy-Tool-ID

Machine tool with Easy-Tool-ID

Anyone seeking trouble-free entry into automated tool management will also find themselves in good hands at Balluff. Among the things to see is how Tool ID - tool coding using RFID - results in more transparency, efficiency and quality in metalworking. With Easy Tool-ID Balluff now also offers an economical entry into tool management. It is simple to retrofit and stands out with easy installation and configuration.

Safety portfolio

Visitors will also find interesting products at EMO in the Balluff safety portfolio. This Balluff range is being continuously expanded and includes among other things safe I/O modules, optoelectronic protection devices, a variety of safety sensors and switches, as well as safety guard locking devices and safety command devices.

Examples from the line of safety products

Safety sensors in use