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Inductive couplers

Contactlessly transmit power and data

Fixed wiring of sensors and actuators has disadvantages. Cables and contacts are frequently heavily stressed in automation so that cables can weaken and break, therefore resulting in a machine stoppage.

Our inductive coupler BICs transmit data and power contactlessly across an air gap. Thus, no mechanical wear is produced. The system availability is higher, the cycle times are shorter, the sequences are more flexible. The units can quickly be disconnected, are easy to handle and maintenance-free. enabling you to meet new demands quickly.

The features

  • No mechanical wear
  • Higher system availability, shorter cycle times, more flexible sequences
  • Quickly disconnectable, easy to handle, maintenance free

Product families

Inductive couplers for IO-Link signal transmission

Inductive couplers for signal transmission

Inductive couplers for power supply