Machine vision
Machine vision

Exact quality test with image processing

Vision solutions from Balluff meet the increasing requirements for maximum quality and great flexibility in modern production plants. By using industrial image processing and providing reliable detection, our solutions offer ultimate quality control.

They provide reliable error detection and thereby ensure an exact quality control. All functions can be flexibly combined.

The most important benefits

  • The sensors can perform various functions, which reduces costs and raises efficiency
  • Early defect detection reduces scrap and downtime
  • Simple changing of the inspection task for changing lots means high system availability
  • Assemble your vision solutions individually online – using the Machine Vision Configurator

Product families

  • BVS-E Standard vision sensor

    Handle a variety of testing tasks with only one vision sensor

    With our BVS-E Standard Vision sensors, you control the quantity of your production process in a cost-conscious and precise manner. You can use a total of seven testing tools that can be employed independently of each other and simultaneously check multiple product features. Up to 20 storable inspections can easily be activated via the PLC. In this way, production can be seamlessly continued, even with changing workpieces. The BVS-E Standard can easily handle any simple task in defect detection.


    • Cost savings through use of multi-tasking vision sensor
    • Early fault detection ensures 100 % quality
    • Simple changing of the inspection task for changing lots means high system availability
    • Optionally available with red or infrared light as a built-in light source
    BVS-E Standard vision sensor
    BVS E Standard

    In this most basic and economical standard version for novices, the BVS-E Standard Vision Sensor offers 20 inspection memory slots. Seven independent tools can be freely rotated.

  • BVS-E Advanced vision sensor

    Reliable monitoring of product quality

    With the BVS-E Advanced vision sensor from Balluff, you can efficiently and reliably control your production processes. Object position identification and process detection data are output via Ethernet TCP/IP interface.

    Precise and reliable product quality are ensured by the rapid processing of data and the combination of individual test results. The versatile possibilities for using a single vision sensor that can handle multiple inspection tasks at a time reduces costs.


    • Quality control for parts with free rotary position
    • Simple changing of the inspection task for changing lots means high system availability
    • Optionally available with red or infrared light as a built-in light source
    BVS-E Advanced vision sensor
    BVS-E Advanced vision sensor

    The BVS-E Advanced vision sensors are designed for fast and challenging applications. As well as offering all features of the standard version, it enables 360° position detection and the logical linking of different characteristics.

  • BVS-E Universal vision sensor

    An all-rounder with a wide range of applications

    Our versatile BVS-E Universal vision sensor has especially powerful contour-based image processing tools. These are used to locate, check, and count parts in any rotational orientation. In so doing, it can transfer the part orientation and position via the interface. The BVS-E Universal vision sensor reads bar and data matrix codes reliably and precisely, at speeds of up to 40 codes per second.


    • Checking the parts orientation or position reduces parts feeding effort and expense
    • Quality control on parts with in free rotary positions
    • Simple changing of the inspection task for changing lots means high system availability
    • Optionally available with red or infrared light as a built-in light source
    BVS-E Universal vision sensor
    BVS-E Universal vision sensor

    The range of applications for the BVS-E Universal vision sensor has a broad range of capabilities. These include assembly and presence checks, reading and verifying codes, and even the challenges of determining part positions.

  • SmartCamera for machine vision

    For tracking, quality control, and positioning tasks

    The simple to use SmartCamera BVS SC for machine vision from Balluff offers you all the necessary functions for tracking (traceability), quality control and visually solving positioning tasks. The tasks (analyzing, finding, measuring) can be individually combined and the results flexibly transmitted.

    The equipment includes functions for the integrated test preparation, inspection overview, and statistics. In addition, you can directly control IO-Link products. The SmartCamera can be quickly integrated into the sequence with its easy software-assisted operation. It is flexible in use thanks to flexible test plan creation.

    > Test the BVS Demo Tool (registration required)


    • Smart data management for limiting the load on Profinet and Ethernet/IP
    • Simple integration in the production environment via IO-Link connection
    • Safe, customer-specific result management for the controller or for the server
    • Robust, industrial-grade design
    Tracking with the SmartCamera

  • Industrial Cameras

    Simple solutions for a variety of image processing tasks

    Standardized industrial cameras let you flexibly adapt image processing tasks to your application in automated systems. These user-friendly industrial cameras from Balluff provide tack sharp images for enabling robots to reliably detect and grip objects.

    Used for traceability, our BVS CA industrial camera can detect object codes or object texts, so that you can use the industrial cameras to meet the requirements for documentation. They also optimize the production process. Imperfect or defective parts can be caught by the camera early and taken out of production. Balluff industrial cameras improve your quality assurance and, by doing so, fulfill a central demand of your customers for 100% quality.

    Especially attractive: The clearly organized user interface BVS-Cockpit ensures that our industrial cameras can be intuitively set up and operated by anyone — no prior knowledge needed.

    Balluff industrial cameras feature sensor resolutions of 1.6 MP and higher in color or monochrome versions. The industrial-grade, rugged camera, standardized C-mount lens fittings and standard single-ended cordsets make these ideal for use in automation.


    • Standardized data interfaces (GigE-Vision and USB3-Vision) as well as the standardized programming interface GenICam
    • Integrated memory and FPGA unit for flexible adaptation of integrated functions
    • Fast data processing
    • Protection degree IP67 (for GigE-Vision version)
    Industrial Cameras
    Industrial Cameras