Viewing all data at once

Our BIS Industrial RFID systems help you get a handle on the stream of information in a modern factory. Objects can be automatically identified and traced using RFID. To do this, a data carrier that functions as a memory is attached to the object and allows it to be identified.

The data is transferred between the data carrier and the read/write head,via the processor unit to the controller.

Balluff offers a broad selection of innovative products for the low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) range. With the BIS V frequency-independent processor unit, all systems can be flexibly combined with each other. By doing this you save costs through greater flexibility and lower inventory levels.

RFID configurator

RFID configurator

Select RFID components that work together to build your system.

HF (13.56 MHz) - BIS M


HF (13.56 MHz)

Fast and reliable - even with large volumes of data in assembly and production

LF (70/455 kHz) - BIS C


LF (70/455 kHz)

The long-burning issue in tool identification.

LF (125 kHz) - BIS L


LF (125 kHz)

Favorable and reliable solution for assembly lines and internal logistics.

UHF (860...960 MHz) - BIS U


UHF (860...960 MHz)

Identification at great distances and bunching capability for current material flow concept.