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BIS U Industrial RFID system

For dynamic processes with large reading distances

UHF systems of Balluff ensure data transparency and traceability in automation processes. UHF is a standard technology for identification solutions covering all processes.

The form helps to achieve a fast detection of tag information and continuous transmission safety. By querying decentralized-storage product- and process-data, UHF is a central component of traceability applications in each phase of the material flow. Therefore, a continuous data transparency is ensured in the entire supply chain.

Key benefits:

  • Problem-free integration in applications via globally used standard interfaces
  • Corresponds to the global standard ISO 18000-6C and EPC Gen2 Class1
  • Flexible use thanks to a diverse range of possibilities for combining data carriers and antennas
  • Ranges up to 6 m and more
  • Bunching capability enables simultaneous detection of many data carriers (tags)
  • Suitable for attachment to classical control systems via bus interfaces and higher level IT systems
  • Complete tailored system solutions realizable
  • A variety of accessories for an easy integration available in different applications

Product families

UHF data carriers (860/960 MHz)

UHF read/write heads and antennas (860/960 MHz)

Portable UHF read/write units (860/960 MHz)

UHF processor units (860/960 MHz)