Tough Performers
Sensors for rough production conditions

Maximum reliability - Industrial grade sensors for extreme conditions

Difficult conditions are often present in industrial environments: High temperatures, weld spatters and metal splatter or flying sparks, impacts or aggressive coolants or lubricants can make things tough for the sensors used.. Sensors from Balluff are made precisely for these tough applications.

Extremely durable

Balluff sensors are subjected to long-term testing in Highly Accelerated Life Tests (HALT) in our own accredited lab and optimized for harsh applications as early as the development stage. Our particularly durable sensors increase service life, ensure the greatest system availability and thus contribute to cost reduction.

Suitable for a variety of applications

Balluff provides you with a wide range of industrial-grade sensors with application-oriented cables and suitable accessories. Depending on their design, these rugged reliable, components are temperature or impact-resistant and resistant to aggressive media. For you this is a solution for a wide variety of applications.

Approved worldwide

Our sensors are approved internationally and available worldwide. Furthermore, we offer you comprehensive support around the globe. This includes personal consulting, training relevant to real-world use, and customized solutions.

Sensors and accessories for rough production conditions

Heat-resistant sensors against high temperatures

Resistant to flying sparks and metal splatter

Robust sensors against impacts and mechanical wear

Durable sensors against aggressive coolants and lubricants