Balluff company profile
Balluff company profile

Innovating automation. With high standards and personal commitment.

Balluff is a medium-sized company – family-run for four generations, founded in
Neuhausen on the Filder near Stuttgart and grown into a world-oriented, leading global player. A company with tradition and customer relationships established over years – which acts simultaneously as an important partner in innovations and as a pacesetter for its customers.

In this way, our company opened up to the global market very early on. In the early 1980s, Balluff was the first – and for a long time, the only – producer of sensors with its own means of production in Brazil. Today, Balluff is no longer just at home in Neuhausen, but also has a presence in Europe, Asia, North and South America and in all other important markets - 68 countries in total. This enables us to both understand and assist our customers further. In addition, we are able to provide them with exactly what they need: High-quality sensor, identification and networking solutions as well as software for holistic system solutions in every area of automation.

When it comes to quality we have our own particular ideas. We call it Balluff Quality. A higher standard which goes beyond applicable official standards and which we offer not only in production, but also in consulting and services.

Our clients also feel that special commitment with which we assist them with. We fulfill their requirements, accept their challenges and develop forward-thinking technologies for them. Therefore, we know that if our clients are perfectly equipped for the future, then so are we. We reflect this through our slogan - "Innovating automation".


The company in numbers

Year founded 1921
Balluff Group sales 2018 488 mil. EUR
Number of employees 2018 approx. 4000
Subsidiaries and representatives with production, sales and development 38
Production sites 10

Our strategic position: Clear and focused on the customer.


At Balluff, quality stays in the family: The company is already in the fourth generation as a family-run business.

  • Katrin Stegmaier-Hermle
  • Florian Hermle
  • Frank Nonnenmann

Consistent customer orientation

At Balluff, the powers and responsibilities are clearly divided. In order to keep time-to-decision and time-to-market as short as possible.

The customer stands in the center of our strategic orientation. Balluff therefore concentrates on implementing the specific demands of the respective industry sectors quickly and in a targeted manner. This clear focus is reflected in the seven business units of our organizational structure. Three of these encompass the main industries Mobility, Packaging, Food & Beverage as well as Machine & Plant Engineering in one organizational unit. The four other units handle Marketing & Sales, Technology, Supply Chain as well as Services, Finance & Quality.

Global networks for optimal customer support

With a highly-interconnected world-wide presence, we guarantee our customers a high degree of flexibility and best-in-class delivery times.

With our network consisting of 38 subsidiaries with sales, production and development as well as sales representatives we are a presence in 68 countries worldwide. This means we offer best-in-class delivery times, high delivery reliability, transparent material flows and clear responsibilities. And even – especially important for our customers – with consistently higher quality.

In addition, using our actual on-site presence, we can respond to regional market requirements and therefore, fulfill the needs of customers and markets in an efficient and future-oriented manner.