Wafer centering in the load lock

Two alternative reference light barriers for load-lock systems

The solution – variant 1

Our BOH optoelectronic sensors offer one variant for the implementation of a reference light barrier for wafer centering. They are available in a screw-in version made of rugged stainless steel housing with a sealing function and operate via micro-optics with a small light spot. You can comfortably make fine adjustments via an external amplifier.

The features

  • Screw-in version
  • Rugged stainless steel housing with sealing function
  • Micro-optics with small light spot
  • For vacuum applications down to 1x10-9 mbar
  • Simple long-distance adjustment thanks to external amplifier

The solution – variant 2

Our BOH diffuse sensors or through-beam sensors with integrated micro-optics, which we would gladly tailor to your individual needs, are available to you as an alternative.

The features

  • Integrated micro-optics for your individual frame
  • For vacuum applications down to 1x10-9 mbar
Reference light barrier for wafer centering in the load lock
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