Solutions for fill level detection
Solutions for fill level detection

Proven solutions for fill level detection

Whether in the pharmaceutical, food and drinks industries, in semiconductor technology or in wind turbines, sensors and systems from Balluff are used for fill level detection, demonstrating their versatility.

Balluff solutions for individual requirements

  • Level detection with ultrasonic sensors

    Resistant to chemicals, contact-free and precise, even in overpressure conditions

    BUS M30E2 ultrasonic sensors from Balluff measure fill levels precisely and without contact at normal pressure as well as in tanks and containers at an overpressure of up to 6 bar. The pressure-tight installation in a tank uses a 1" threaded flange. The combination of switching and analog outputs enables simultaneous level measurement and overflow protection.

    The features

    • Protected against aggressive media by a PTFE membrane
    • Contact-free measurement 30 mm…1.3 m operating scanning range
    • 5 m limiting scanning range
    • Can be used in containers to be filled from above or containers with stirrers thanks to software filters
    • Stainless steel housing for use in the food industry
    • Process connection G1
    • Switching and analog output in one sensor or version with 2 PNP switching outputs
    • Can be adjusted easily via a digital display
    • Degree of protection IP67
    Level detection with ultrasonic sensors application

    A food-safe ultrasonic sensor continuously monitors the fill level in containers at an overpressure of up to 6 bar.

  • Fluid detection with fork sensors

    Reliable fill level detection through transparent container walls

    Our fork sensors for fluid detection are suitable for fill level detection of clear, colored or cloudy liquids through transparent container walls. They use infrared light to reliably detect all liquids with a water content of over 15%. Thin adhesions are ignored. Because of this, the fork sensors can also detect limit levels in fine, transparent tubes with a small diameter (≤ 6 mm).

    The features

    • Fork width: 30 mm and 80 mm
    • Connector: M8, 3-pin
    • Degree of protection IP67
    • NPN or PNP switching output (each can be switched to NC or NO)
    Fluid detection with fork sensors application

    Fork sensors detect limit levels even in exacting applications such as in fine, transparent tubes.

  • Fill level detection with magnetostrictive linear position sensors

    Monitor the fill levels of non-magnetic containers without contact from the outside

    BTL magnetostrictive linear position sensors are used in a rod or profile design for fill level monitoring of containers made of non-magnetic materials such as glass, stainless steel or plastic. The container wall can be up to 8 mm thick.

    A magnetic ring integrated in a float marks the fill level for the monitoring. From its position outside of the container, the measurement system detects the position of the float and then provides it for analysis as a signal. This allows fill levels ranging from a few millimeters up to 6 meters to be reliably detected.

    The features

    • Contact-free monitoring
    • Can be retrofitted
    • Suitable for explosive atmospheres: Designs with ATEX certification available
    • Versatile interfaces
    • Easy-to-fit to bypass tubes for continuous fill level detection
    Fill level detection with magnetostrictive linear position sensors application

    Micropulse transducers are suitable for continuous fill level detection on bypass tubes.

  • Fill level detection with BTL fill level sensors

    Monitor fill levels continuously while complying with the strictest hygiene standards

    Our BTL-SF fill level probe has proven itself time and again in applications in which the utmost hygiene is essential. It measures with precision in the μm range to support excellent filling results. The strict regulations of the food industry are not a problem as they meet the highest international hygiene standards.

    This makes it possible for you to distribute your systems globally.

    The features

    • Internationally certified quality (Ecolab, 3-A Sanitary Standard, FDA)
    • Assured hygiene standards and a long service life thanks to 100% stainless steel
    • Can be installed adjustment-free
    • Flexible installation using standardized interfaces
    • Neutral for all liquids, resilient to foam
    • CIP (Clean in Place): Easy to clean, even in an installed state
    • SIP (Sterilization in Place): Rated for process temperatures up to 130 °C
    • Rising and falling signal available
    Fill level detection with BTL fill level sensors application

    The BTL-SF fill level probe provides precise measurement results in applications that demand an exceptionally high level of hygiene.