Lighting options for vision systems
Lighting options for vision systems

Optimum lighting conditions for your application

Image processing always depends on the right lighting. Balluff offers a wide array of robust auxiliary lights for your different installation spaces and tasks.

The energy-saving and long-lasting LED technology is impressive with homogeneous optical properties. Moreover, Balluff lighting options guarantee eye safety in accordance with IEC 62471. You can select between red light, white light, infrared light or laser variants.

The most important benefits

  • The highest quality (extensive EMC tests, high protection class)
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Simple startup

Product family

  • Dark field lights

    Powerful and homogeneous lighting for checking surfaces

    Our dark field lights are used to check for scratches, pits and impurities on surfaces. Their red light reliably and homogeneously illuminates a light field with a diameter of 90 mm regardless of the material and surface. An installation is very easy.


    • Easy attachment and flexible positioning
    • High-quality housing, IP54
    • Reliable and powerful
    • First-class materials
    Dark field lights
  • Background lights

    Homogeneous and bright lighting for checking for cracks

    With our background lights, you can easily check dimensions and shapes and for any material or surface. You can choose between different sizes and different light field diameters (25 × 25 mm to 300 × 200 mm) and variants with red and infrared light. Good to know: Balluff background lights can also be used for diffuse incident lights.


    • Extremely flat design
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Versatile and bright
    • High-quality housing, IP54 or IP69K
    • First-class materials
    • Also available as a stainless steel variant
    Background lights
  • Ring lights

    Ring lights with red light, white light and infrared

    The light field size of our ring lights has a diameter of 100/60 mm. As additional incident light with luminous LEDs, they enable homogeneous illumination in versions with red light, white light and infrared.


    • Easy attachment and installation
    • High-quality housing, IP65
    • Large inspection distances realizable
    • Diffuser attachment for applications with mirrored surfaces to prevent disruptive reflections
    Ring lights
  • Strip lights

    Homogeneous, targeted and direct lighting

    When used as lateral illumination, our strip lights create shadows to check features. In addition, they provide consistent lighting without glare points.

    The strip lights are available in different sizes with light field diameters from 10 × 95 mm to 10 × 195 mm. Versions with red light, white light and infrared light are available and as direct lighting enable an illumination of the image field.


    • Easy attachment and flexible positioning
    • Almost rimless design, making stacking and arrangement in rows possible
    • High-quality housing, IP54
    • Mounting bracket makes it possible to configure as a square, rectangle or frame
    Strip lights
  • Coaxial lights

    Homogeneous illumination with red light for reflective surfaces

    Our coaxial lights with red light are optimally suited for the illumination of highly reflective or mirroring surfaces. You have the option to choose here between two different sizes having light fields from 50 × 50 mm to 100 × 100 mm.


    • Low-maintenance and industry-oriented
    • Easy installation and integration
    • High-quality housing, IP54
    • For the inspection of surfaces that are printed or soiled and needle-punched ones
    • First-class materials
    Coaxial lights
  • Spot lights

    Pinpoint lighting with spotlight

    To fill in areas with pinpoint accuracy, our spot lights are the right choice. In addition, solutions of varying size (M12, M18, M30) as well as versions with red light or infrared light are available to you. In each case you benefit from easy installation and less frequent inspections.


    • Easy attachment and flexible positioning
    • High-quality housing, IP67
    • First-class materials
    Spot lights
  • Line lasers

    Modulatable line lasers

    Our powerful line lasers are used for the detection and measurement of defects, diameters, images, gaps, steps or for presence control. Also usable in industrial image processing and for the alignment and positioning of workpieces or accessories.

    Balluff line lasers can be triggered, focused and modulated. As part of our especially long-lasting solutions, you can select between red, blue and green light types as well as various projection types – from line and grid to matrix and point to cross.


    • Robust and compact (M18, M12 design)
    • High-quality housing, IP67
    • Easy attachment and flexible positioning
    • Easy installation, laser class 1M or 2M (no additional protective measures required)
    • High-quality materials and laser modules
    • Large inspection distances up to 2000 mm
    • Adjustable brightness and zoom
    Line lasers
  • Machine lights

    Powerful – durable – universal

    The new high performance BAE LX LED machine lights can be employed in a variety of ways. There are suitable for illuminating machines or also for workbenches, test benches and special applications. Its compact, rugged construction with an IP69K protection rating ensures high performance and especially long service life. Special fastening elements and a 4-pin M12 connection make it quick and easy to integrate them into the equipment. The LED lights are available in three lengths and are reasonably priced.


    • Impact- and vibration-resistant
    • Protection class IP69K: Suitable for harsh environments
    • Space-saving, compact design with Ø 20 mm and low weight
    • Standard M12 plug-in connection: Easy to install and cost-effective
    • 24 V DC instead of 230 V AC: Mandatory grounding eliminated, enhanced occupational safety
    • High-efficiency LED technology reduces energy consumption – reduces costs
    • Easy installation
    Machine lights, LED, IP69K
    Machine lights from Balluff

    Machine lights in use