Network blocks
Network blocks

For the highest performance

Ever faster, more flexible, more efficient and variable production demands seamless communication from the sensor to the Internet. The result is a growing amount of data within the production processes. This demands components which can make this information available. At the same time an infrastructure is required which transports the data across all levels.

Fieldbus technologies

  • Network blocks for Profinet

    Fast, economical and rugged in industrial automation

    The fact that industrial automation has made a significant advancement with Profinet is easy to understand. Profinet allows you to directly link drives and safety technology to the network environment.

    This Ethernet-based system is significantly faster than Profibus, but can readily be combined with it. The same applies to connections with IO-Link. You save time and money, while connectivity ensures improved process quality.

    With our network blocks Profinet can be integrated consistently from the control level to the drive. Even in harsh environments.


    • Installation freedom, simple wiring, consistent diagnostics, and central configuration through connection with IO-Link
    Network blocks for Profinet
    IO-Link solutions with Profinet

  • Network blocks for Profibus

    Modern production, supported by efficient field and process communication

    As a solution provider Balluff offers a wide range of components for optimal Profibus use. The mature fieldbus technology has been reliably supporting modern production for many years. Regardless of the controller manufacturer, you will find the optimum solution in our range of products.

    You will benefit from efficient field and process communication with simple wiring, fast integration through direct installation in your system and the possibility of fast modifications. Even in harsh industrial environments. Our Profibus solutions are IO-Link capable. This means you can directly benefit from all the IO-Link advantages. Therefore, with mature connectivity technology from Balluff, we ensure your efficiency growth../


    • Consistent diagnostics: No system failure
    • Central parameter setting: Systems quickly go back to being operational
    • Time and cost savings
    • Plant expansion made easier and investment security through IEC 61158/EN 50170 standardization
    Network blocks for Profibus
    IO-Link solutions with Profibus

  • Network blocks for CC-Link IE-Field

    Meet the challenges of automation with highly functional and practical blocks

    The following applies to all areas of industrial communication: Fieldbus and network technologies should meet the demands for increasingly powerful communication.

    At the same time, the communication should be as uniform as possible. Specifically with the automation tasks in Asia in mind, Balluff was able to connect communication at the machine and system level with sensor/actuator communication: BNI network blocks for CC-Link IE/Field for the system level on the one hand and the direct connection with the sensor/actuator level on the other.

    We have developed highly functional and practical fieldbus modules for the perfect connection of I/O systems to the open, deterministic high-speed network CC-Link IE/Field. This new generation outshines everything before it with its outstanding configuration and diagnostics options.


    • Protection class IP67
    • Fully encapsulated housing
    • Display, LEDs and integrated SLMP access (Seamless Message Protocol) for diagnostics and configuration
    Network blocks for CC-Link IE-Field
    IO-Link solutions with CC-Link IE/Field

  • Network blocks for CC-Link

    Construct high-performance control topologies with products from a single source

    CC-Link is a standardised fieldbus designed to integrate the most diverse automation components of a wide range of providers. CC-Link is already the principle fieldbus technology used in Asia. The open network is supported by the CC-Link Partner Association CLPA, which is represented globally by over 1000 companies.

    CC-Link is an effective integral system that will absolutely meet your requirements. Utilize our extensive, high-quality CC-Link portfolio to implement your own powerful control topologies using products from a single source.


    • For harsh environments: Fully cast, robust housing
    • Powerful diagnostics clearly identify problem areas
    • Constant data throughput, even when processing large data volumes
    • Reliable real-time control
    • Controls are programmable via a network
    • Network stations can be switched on and off during operation
    • Network stations can be restored automatically
    IO-Link solutions with CC-Link

  • Network blocks for Ethernet/IP

    Our network technology standard for high system performance

    High efficiency is only feasible with an optimised network. We offer a comprehensive Ethernet/IP line of products for your high-efficiency system. As a worldwide recognised standard for network technology, Ethernet/IP has already replaced Devicenet in many areas. The Ethernet-based technology is significantly faster and enables the integration of drive technology.

    Our network blocks for Ethernet/IP also score points with their high user-friendliness. Only Balluff Ethernet blocks can block IP addresses and protect against accidental changes. This increases your security and simplifies maintenance.


    • Time and cost savings: Fast installation and simple integration into existing networks
    • Easy block replacement through innovative address plug
    Network blocks for Ethernet/IP
    IO-Link solutions with Ethernet/IP

  • Network blocks for Devicenet

    Optimal network components for efficient use with Devicenet

    Balluff supports you with the entire spectrum of high-performance network technology so that you can easily select the right network components. We can provide all the blocks required for efficient Devicenet applications in the USA.

    Regardless of the controller manufacturer, you benefit with our portfolio from a comprehensive and mature network and connectivity range of products. Consistently designed to your requirements, no desires for outside the control cabinet go unmet. Therfore, you can choose an efficient field and process combination and save both time and money.


    • Simple installation, fast integration, fast modification
    • Regardless of the controller manufacturer
    Network blocks for Devicenet
    IO-Link solutions with Devicenet

  • Network blocks for EtherCAT

    Powerful technology for full flexibility

    Outstanding performance, low costs, flexible topology and easy handling: These are the advantages of the industrial Ethernet technology EtherCAT. It provides full flexibility: From free topology selection to the possibility of connecting and disconnecting devices and segments during operation to the performance redundancy of the ring topology.

    EtherCAT is suitable for both centralized and decentralized architectures, supports Master/Slave, Master/Master, and Slave/Slave communication. It can also integrate secondary fieldbuses.

    By using the existing infrastructure, the factory level is also optimally covered with the EtherCAT Automation Protocol. Preferably with out network blocks.


    • Supports up to 65,535 nodes at a distance of up to 100 m
    • International standard since 2007
    Network blocks for EtherCAT
    IO-Link solutions with Ethercat