Balluff as an employer
Balluff as an employer

We ensure sustainability through innovation and responsibility.

As a medium-sized family company in its fourth generation we combine tradition with the cosmopolitan flair of a global player. We have always maintained a culture of sustainability and long-term planning. Values such as reliability, integrity and openness represent core components for directing the actions of our company and make a critical contribution to the success of our business.

With 3,600 employees, Balluff stands for innovative technology, quality and maximum customer orientation worldwide. As a leading provider for industrial automation, the family business offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality sensors and system and customer-specific solutions.

Balluff masters the entire technological spectrum with all sensor principles and ensures efficient processes in automation as a whole. In addition to the central headquarters in Neuhausen in the Filder region, Balluff has production and development sites around the world, as well as 68 international subsidiaries and agent offices.

This guarantees that products are quickly available to our customers worldwide and that they are provided with high-quality advice and service directly on site.


  • Social involvement

    Committed to the common good

    As a family run company that has been located in Neuhausen in the Filder region since 1921, we are aware of our responsibility as an employer and member of society. We are happy to get involved in a variety of ways, mainly in regional projects. As diverse as our involvement may be, it always pursues one goal: Balluff GmbH would like to contribute to the common good.

    Our youth – our chance

    The young people of today will be the pillars of our society tomorrow and deserve - not just for this reason - corresponding appreciation. Demographic change makes it clear: They are the key to counteracting the predicted shortages of management personnel. Balluff is already involved in efforts for children in kindergartens and primary schools. Furthermore, Balluff maintains cooperative programs with schools.


    To make it easy for our employees with children to return to working life, we work together with the "Nesthäkchen" day care center. Nesthäkchen is the first professional day care in Neuhausen to take care of infants and toddlers up to three years of age. It was created in 2007 in cooperation between Balluff and the municipality of Neuhausen. The Nesthäkchen day care's doors are open to the children Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Of course, children from the Neuhausen community will be taken care of in addition to the Balluff children. You can find more on Nesthäkchen here

    Technolino/Technolino plus

    With Technolino the employers' association Südwestmetall is promoting a playful approach to science and technology in primary schools and kindergartens. In the context of Technolino, Balluff cooperates with several kindergartens in Neuhausen and also makes financial contributions. Furthermore, our trainees have developed programs that explain to preschoolers how sensors work in a clear way during a visit to the company.

    Educational partnerships with schools

    Balluff has educational partnerships with several schools from throughout the region. Assisting students in entering into working life is the goal of these partnerships. With a large number of projects in the schools as well as in the context of company visits and information sessions at Balluff, we supplement the teaching content with career-related topics. Our etiquette training, which prepares the students for job interviews, is always particularly well received.

    Girls’ Day

    Balluff would like to get girls and young women excited about technical careers. On Girls’ Day we offer girls ages 11 to 16 the opportunity to find out more about the working world and technical careers. Come to the next Girls' Day at Balluff and find out more about various occupational profiles that are also not "typically female" jobs.

    Sports sponsorship

    Balluff sponsors local cycling. This includes the support of the cycling and driving club "Rad- und Kraftfahrerverein Neuhausen/F e.V." in organizing the "Neuhausener Radkriteriums um den Großen Preis der Balluff GmbH", a cycling event in Neuhausen.

  • Professional development

    Your careers at Balluff

    Balluff supports the philosophy of lifelong learning. We make an individually tailored development program possible for our employees. As an innovative company considered a leader in its industry, we appreciate the ideas of our employees. We can only benefit from their ideas.

    Individual training

    Have you decided on a position at Balluff? Welcome to the Balluff family. It is important to us that you find your place in the company in a short time and feel at home as a well-integrated Balluff employee. Good workplace equipment, an individual training plan with a comprehensive training program and a personal mentor who will assist you in the training phase with words and deeds are all things that make in important contribution to this.

    Measures to improve qualifications

    Once a year, in the context of a discussion about qualification with your manager, you will determine your individual development and training needs. We will then take the necessary steps to make your personal development possible with an adequate training program. Training measures include not only professional and IT skills and foreign languages, but also topics relating to leadership skills and personal development.

    "Fit for Future"

    Trainees and students are prepared for their professional activities in a targeted manner with the "Fit for Future" program. You can find more information about these two groups in the "Training" section.

    In-service training

    Do you want to pursue in-service training? Become a state certified technician? Go back to get your advanced technical college certificate? Or get a master's degree? We appreciate your commitment. Feel free to approach us with your wishes. We contribute financially to a successfully completed training measure. Depending on your final grade we cover up to 50% of the costs incurred. You will also get five days paid time off per year for your exams. The choice of institution is up to you. We are happy to help and let you know about possible programs.


    Balluff offers its employees the opportunity to take on responsibility. Whether it is as a technical expert, project manager or specialist trainer, there are many ways to show what you are made of. A transparent, internal job market preserves mobility between departments. You can apply for all positions in the company before they are advertised on the external job market. This will enhance your all-round versatility. Through long-term personnel planning, select employees are specifically groomed for open management positions.

  • Work-life balance

    The optimal combination of life and work

    It is important to be able to balance your professional and private life. As a family run company, we offer our employees a flexible work environment to do justice to their private and professional needs.

    Working time models

    The working week laid down by the collective agreement is generally 35 hours a week, both in the manufacturing sector and the commercial sector. Within the framework of flexible working hours, employees can flexibly arrange their working hours as needed and based on the order situation. Only the requirements for core labor and service times must be observed. For employees with families we offer flexible part-time positions. Depending on the task and department, working from home is also possible.

    Health management

    Your health is important to us. We observe all regulations on occupational safety so that work place accidents are reduced to a minimum. However, should something happen, our paramedics will provide first aid. To ensure that this is needed as rarely as possible we have invested in a variety of preventative measures. We also support our employees financially whenever they visit a health and fitness club. Our company doctor also provides relevant and useful information on the subject of health. If necessary, simply schedule a personal appointment.

    Company sports

    Company sports at Balluff is an ideal way to combine work and private life in a completely relaxed way. Sports are not only a good way to stay in shape and unwind, they are also especially fun to play with colleagues. The Balluff cycling team has an outstanding reputation. The team regularly participates in various races, for example, the "Dreiländergiro" cycling marathon. The staff from Neuhausen and colleagues from other offices form an international team. Sports like squash and jogging also have their place at Balluff. Our company soccer team even qualified for the German championship of company teams in 2006.


    To make things easier for employees with children who are returning to work life, we work together with the day care center "Nesthäkchen" in Neuhausen. "Nesthäkchen" is a professionally run day care for infants and young children up to three years of age and was created in 2007 as part of a collaboration between Balluff and the municipality of Neuhausen. It is sponsored by the Kinder- und Elternzentrum Neuhausen, KEZ e.V. The "Nesthäkchen" day care's doors are open to children from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can find more on "Nesthäkchen" at

  • Working at Balluff

    Balluff as an employer

    Distinguished as a top employer, we ensure the best possible working conditions and promote a close, long-term relationship between our employees and the company. As a family company, we maintain an open, cooperative management style with flat hierarchies. Quick decision-making is important to us, as well as personal contact with each other. We welcome the exchange of information and ideas with each other and promote it through joint excursions for the departments, Christmas parties or company anniversaries.

    Work environment

    Balluff creates the conditions for effective working with a well-equipped working environment. Cutting-edge technology in the workplace is just as important to us as large and bright rooms with comfortable furniture that allows for ergonomic working. The PC workstations are equipped with Internet and intranet access so that current information can be exchanged within the company at any time.


    Balluff offers its employees interesting tasks that suit the interests and abilities of each individual. Team-oriented work is of great importance in all divisions. Together, good ideas on the best solutions for us and our industry can be developed further. Every employee along the value-added chain thus contributes to the success of the company. This is something we are proud of.

    International operations

    Balluff is an international company with subsidiaries, agent offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Depending on the departments in which you work, business trips in the context of international cooperation are possible and necessary.


    Balluff is part of the Verband der Metall- und Elektroindustrie Baden-Württemberg (the Baden Württemberg Metal and Electrical Industry Employers' Association), Südwestmetall. As a company committed to a collective bargaining agreement, we reward your work according to your performance and your potential. You will receive a performance bonus that is adjusted each year according to your success. Of course, you will get the vacation and Christmas bonuses agreed upon in the collective agreement and any bonuses that directly involve you in the success of the company. We honor employees who have been loyal to us for years with anniversary rewards. With benefits for birth and marriage we do our part to ensure that the best moments in life get even better.

    Company restaurant

    The company restaurant on the Balluff premises is very popular. A selection of affordable dishes that changes daily makes it a popular destination and meeting place at lunchtime.


    Balluff provides its employees with support for childcare. Read more on the topic of childcare in the section on Work-life balance.

    Preventative care

    Balluff bears responsibility for each of its employees. It is important to us that our employees are sufficiently protected in old age. We therefore offer our own pension benefits plan in addition to the contributions to employee pension capital formation (AVWL), which can be deposited into Metallrente.

    Company pension

    Balluff offers both an employer-funded company pension scheme and an employee-funded company pension scheme: For the employer-funded pension, Balluff sets up personal pension accounts for its employees. Since 2000, annual contributions, depending on the level of employment and personal working hours, are deposited in the pension account. An employee-funded company pension scheme in the context of a pension fund and direct insurance is also possible via various insurance companies (deferred compensation), for example via Metallrente.


    Our office in Neuhausen is located in direct proximity to Stuttgart Airport and is easily accessible via the A8 highway or by public transport. There are plenty of places to park.