Balluff Korea Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Balluff Korea”) has adopted the Privacy Policy forth below to protect personal information of users and handle relevant issues in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection and Personal Information Protection Act.

The Privacy Policy is directed on the first page of Service to let users access to it easily anytime. The Privacy Policy may be amended pursuant to changes to the applicable laws, regulations and guidelines relating to the protection of personal information and changes in Balluff Korea’s policies. When there are any revisions to this Privacy Policy, we shall take necessary actions such as obtaining user’s other consent under section 18 of Personal Information Protection Act.

Article 1. Purpose of Processing Personal Information

Balluff Korea has steps for users to click 「Agree」 or 「Cancel」 button with the Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions and regard users agree with collection of personal information if they click „Agree“ button.

Article 2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

2.1. Balluff Korea collects personal information for the only following purposes in order to provide better service.

  • Membership
  • To confirm identity to use membership service
  • Membership management
  • Order, payment, delivery, exchange, refund, A/S, and Advise for product supply
  • To provide contents and custom-made information
  • Marketing and advertisement

2.2. The items of personal information to be collected, and the purpose of such collection and use are as follows:

A. <Membership, Verification and management>

  • Required: e-mail address, mobile phone number, password, date of birth, name

B. <Providing Custom made information and Marketing>

  • Required: gender, date of birth, service usage log, access log, cookie, access IP information, payment record
  • Optional: job, anniversary, marital status, hobbies, health information, education, income level

C. <Service provision>

  • Required information: e-mail address, shipping address & phone number, name, service usage log, payment information & record

Article 3. Retention/use period of personal information

3.1. Balluff Korea shall handle and own personal data within the period of usage set by the law or the period which users agreed.

3.2. Balluff Korea shall destroy appropriate personal information promptly after achieving the purpose to collect such information. However, if it is necessary to preserve personal information by related laws such as the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions etc., the personal information will be kept for a certain period of the time.

LegislationReason for collection and usageRetention period
The Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce etc.Records on contract or withdrawal
Records on payment and goods supply
Records on consumer complaints or disputes
Records on display and advertising
The Protection of Communications Secrets ActWeb site visit history3months
Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information ProtectionRecords for person verification6months

3.3. Customer identification data shall be collected by Balluff Korea until the customer withdraws or cancels the membership. However, Balluff Korea may hold the data until the following reasons are ended:

A. Until calculating the bonds/debts if bonds and debts are remained with using homepage. B. Until the end of the investigation if there is progress on the investigation by ordinance violations.

C. Until the end of the dispute if there is dispute about service.

3.4. Identification information for record of illegality usage or illegality users may be kept a year from the collecting date for preventing readmit and utilization.

Article 4. Provision and sharing of personal information to 3rd party

Balluff Korea shall use the personal information of the user within the range notified in the „types of personal information collected and its use“ and „the purposes of collection and use of personal information“ and shall not use personal information outside the agreed boundary nor give it to other business organizations or third parties; however, if there are any reasons for 2nd clause of article 18 (however, in case of 5th to 9th clause, it should be limited to government office), Balluff Korea may provide private information to 3rd party except when it is apprehended that the benefits of the information provider or 3rd party could be infringed.

Article 5 Consignment to process personal information collected

5.1. In order to improve and implement the service, Balluff Korea entrusts some of the customer-related work to outside companies and sets forth regulations so that the personal information can be managed safely when entering into contract with such companies.


ConsigneeConsigned work
CJ LogisticsProduct delivery and shipping location / arrival information etc.
KoreaCenter.comUser information DB systems Consignment Operating (Outsourcing for data processing)
Seoul Credit Rating &
information Inc
Self- Verification
NHN KCP Corp.Payment

5.2. Balluff Korea shall appropriately supervise consignees so that consigned personal information can safely be managed.

5.3. If Balluff Korea needs to change its partner, the name of the changed partner shall be posted on the screen of the personal information processing policy.

Article 6. Right, duty, and method of act for users and legal representative

6.1. In order to protect the personal information of children under 14 or users, legal representative or users may have a right as follows:

1. Request to open private information

2. Request to modify correct information

3. Request deletion

4. Request processing cessation

5. Request cancellation (withdraw membership)

6.2. Open and correct of private information, and cancellation for user or legal representative may request to person in charge of personal information via phone, e-mail, or letter. Balluff Korea will manage without delay about this.

  • Tel: 031-8064-1756
  • E-mail: junghwa.kim@balluff.co.kr

6.3. If you request correction of errors in personal information, Balluff Korea will not use or provide the personal information until the correction is completed. In addition, if wrong personal information is already provided to a 3rd party, we will notify corrected information to the 3rd party without delay.

6.4. Users shall keep private information as the newest, Balluff Korea may not have any responsibility when occurs problem by wrong private information.

6.5. When a member has damaged or stolen others’ private information, the user shall withdraw consent the membership or be punished by the relevant laws.

6.6. Users may have a responsibility to keep security about e-mail address, passwords and won’t lend or transfer to the 3rd party.

Article 7. Methods of Destroying Personal Information

7.1. Personal information is destroyed immediately after it meets its purpose, in principle.

7.2. However, if it is necessary to preserve personal information by related laws such as the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions etc., the personal information will be kept for a certain period of the time. The personal information transferred to a separate DB will not be used for any other purpose unless it is agreed by the user or specified by law.

7.3. Procedures, methods, and period of destroying personal information shall be subject to the following:

A. Procedure of destruction: Balluff Korea shall select personal information which has reason for destruction and destroy the personal information after getting confirmation from person in charge of personal information

B. Method of destruction:

  • personal information printed out on paper: destruction by shredder or incineration
  • personal information stored electronically: deletion of personal records by a technical method by which they cannot be reproduced

C. Period of destruction: If the retention period for users’ private information is exceeded, Balluff Korea shall destroy within 5 days from the end of retention day. And in case that private information is not useful by reasons of close the service or achieve the handling purpose of private information, Balluff Korea shall destroy within 5 days from approval date.

Article 8. Action for securing stability of private information

Balluff Korea considers the following technical/managerial countermeasure follows by privacy protection act article 29.

8.1. Technical countermeasure

A. Users’ personal information is protected via password and important data is further protected via separate security functions including file/sending data encoding or file locking. However, if there are member loss, theft, leakage, alteration or damages personal data because he/she uses the internet in public area or provides to others, Balluff Korea shall not be liable on that.

B. Member‘s personal information is protected by password, and important data is protected by separate security functions by encrypting file and transmission data or by using file lock function (Lock).

C. Balluff Korea uses vaccine programs to prevent damages from computer viruses. The vaccine programs are updated periodically, and if a sudden virus emerges, we provide vaccines as soon as possible to prevent personal information from being violated.

D. Balluff Korea adopts a security device (SSL or SET) that can securely transmit personal information on the network using encryption algorithm.

E. In preparation for external intrusion such as hacking, we use intrusion prevention system and vulnerability analysis system for each server to ensure security.

8.2. managerial countermeasure

A. We regularly conduct in-house training and outsourcing training for employees who process personal information, such as training to acquire new security technologies and training on the obligation to protect personal information. We also have internal guidelines to monitor whether the employees comply with our personal information processing policy.

B. Balluff Korea limits the number of persons who have the right to access to personal information. Those who are allowed are as follows:

  • Those who perform service work directly with the members,
  • Those conducting personal information management work such as person in charge of personal information protection
  • Those who are inevitable to handle personal information for business purposes.

C. Personal Data and normal data are stored in separated server.

D. The computer room and the data storage room are set as special protection zones to control access.

E. Balluff Korea shall not be liable for any mistakes made by users or risks arising from the dangers of Internet. Each individual member is responsible for properly managing his / her ID and password to protect his / her personal information.

Article 9. Matters concerning the operation of cookies

Balluff Korea operates Cookie for convenience of homepage users. Cookie refers to a small text file that a website sends to user’s web browser and is stored in user’s PC. Balluff Korea uses Cookie for the following purposes:

9.1. Purpose of using cookies

To use as a scale for target marketing and service rearrangement by analyzing users’ access frequency and visiting hours and understanding users’ taste and interested fields

  • To use as materials to grant a differentiated application opportunity and to provide distinct information with each user according to individual interested field by grasping users’ participation rate and visiting frequency to various events conducted by Balluff Korea.
  • To use for the purpose of grasping whether a user requests ‘Not to View’ a pop-up information or not. A user possesses the right to select whether Cookie to be installed; thus he/she can permit all Cookies, require confirmation whenever Cookie is stored, or reject storing any Cookie by setting a web browser set-up menu.

9.2. Method of refusal the setting cookie

You may have an option to choose cookie by selecting „Allow all cookies - Low - Medium - Medium High - High - Block all cookies“ from the tool box in your browser (Tool> Internet Option> Personal Information> Personal Information Setting).

In this case, however, if the user rejects to install Cookie, he/she may be restrained from using services.

Article 10. Person in Charge of the Protection of Personal Information

10.1. Balluff Korea does our best to make safe use of good quality information. In the event of an accident that violates the notice about the protection of personal information notified to the members, Balluff Korea shall take full responsibility.

10.2. The person responsible for protecting and processing personal information of the members is as follows who will promptly and faithfully respond to any inquiries about personal information.

Person in charge of personal information / department

Name : Jung Hwa Kim

Phone number : 031-8064-1756

E-mail : junghwa.kim@balluff.co.kr

Department: HR Department

Article 11. Methods to read personal information

11.1. Users can read their personal information registered at all the times according to section 35 of Personal Information Protection Act. If you desire to read your personal information, please contact to HR team (031-8064-1756, junghwa.kim@balluff.co.kr) and we will take appropriate measures after user identification without delay.

11.2. Members may read their personal information at Ministry of Public Administration and Security (www.privacy.go.kr)

Article 12. Method of relief the Rights and interests

  • Counseling and reporting related to infringement of personal information If you need to report or counsel in relation to personal information infringement, please contact the chief manager in charge of managing personal information by e-mail or phone, or inquire the KISA Personal Information Infringement Report Center, a public agency under the Ministry of Information and Communication.
  • Korea Internet Security Agency(KISA): (02)118 (http://www.privacy.kisa.or.kr)
  • The Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee: (02) 1833-6972 (www.kopico.go.kr)
  • Cyber Crime Investigation Division in Supreme Prosecutor: 02-3480-3573 (www.spo.go.kr)
  • Cyber Bureau: 182 (http://cyberbureau.police.go.kr)

Article 13. Duty to notify

Our current privacy policy will be effective from February 1st, 2018. If there is any addition, deletion or amendment of the contents, we will notify our members 7 days prior to such addition, deletion, or amendment.

Enforced from: February 1st, 2018

Contact address:


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