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Linear and rotary drives

High precision systems for individual needs

Integrated sensor system solutions are indispensable for compact drives. BML magnetic encoders which are available in incomparably small form factors, are suited for direct integration into both linear and rotary drives. Their high resolution (17 bit) permits precise positioning. They are insensitive to dirt and deposits and ensure great operating reliability.

The homogeneous magnetic field guarantees high functional security, low hysteresis and minimum linearity deviations. The sensor slides over the tape at a distance of up to 5 mm without contact and provides you with the position signal absolutely or incrementally. A great selection of various tapes provide you with a great deal of flexibility to solve your applications. You can also choose from a variety of interfaces (SSI, BISS-C, SIN/COS, ABZ).

Application examples

Custom tailored feedback solutions for linear and rotary drives
Absolute motor feedback in real time
High-precision position feedback for rotary and swivel drives