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Steel production begins with coke

Position detection at the pusher machine

Balluff provides steelworkers with highly reliable solutions for a wide variety of tasks pertaining to coking plant machines, the coke oven battery and conveying equipment.

Our robust BTL 100 °C magnetostrictive linear position sensor deliver convincing performance at particularly high temperatures. It reliably controls all movements during oven charging. Our BTL magnetostrictive linear position sensor with explosion protection is suitable for furnace control because it works reliably an environment where gas is present. For positioning larry, pusher and transfer cars at the coke oven battery, we recommend our Industrial RFID. It boasts a large read/write distance, fast data transmission and operates without line-of-sight contact.

Balluff sensors and systems thereby guarantee a continuous process, which is important in steel mills.

Application examples

End position detection at the pusher machine
Control the coke oven battery where high reliability is required
Reliably controlling movements at the oven battery
Control the pusher cars