Reliable Interchangeable Parts Detection with RFID

Reliable Interchangeable Parts Detection with RFID
Reliable Interchangeable Parts Detection with RFID

Solutions for individual packaging sizes

Would you like to optimize your overall system, prevent stoppages and realize shorter production runs? This requires intelligent machines and an intelligent production process.

Application note (PDF file)

To realize intelligent production in the packaging, food and beverage industries, Balluff offers mature automation solutions and support in important application areas. Our concepts start with your requirements, so you can change over your machines to different formats quickly and flexibly.

HF RFID technology (13.56 MHz) from Balluff enables automatic detection of interchangeable parts and ensures the correct format set is removed or replaced when retrofitting.

Your advantages

  • Short setup times and increased equipment productivity
  • Efficient error prevention
  • Greater machine flexibility
  • Prevention of machine damage from incorrect parts when starting up
  • Simple visualization for the operator

In interchangeable parts detection, various system combinations of the processor unit, read/write head, and data carriers are used depending on the application. We can show you how to meet varying requirements in interchangeable parts detection by means of component selection.

Select from the following:

  • The BIS V processor unit
  • An IO-Link network block as the processor unit
  • A read/write head with integrated processor unit

Three Solutions for Interchangeable Parts Detection Using RFID

BIS-V processor unit


  • Much data, fast transmission time
  • High flexibility: one device for all established RFID technologies
  • Multi-head operation: Operate up to four read/write heads simultaneously
  • Visualization via integrated IO-Link master port on machine lamp directly possible
BIS-V processor unit
Interchangeable Parts Detection Using RFID

IO-Link network block as the processor unit

Our IO-Link network block is ideal for simple identification tasks with a large number of read stations.


  • Cost-effective, since no additional processor unit is needed
  • Visualization using machine lamp directly possible
  • Additional RFID components and IO-Link sensors can be connected, more ports available than with the BIS V version
  • Parameterization and diagnostics using IO-Link
IO-Link network blocks
Reliable Interchangeable Parts Detection with IO-Link-Master

Read/write head with integrated processor unit

With this all-in-one solution no additional processor unit needed.


  • Available interfaces: Profinet, Ethernet/IP, USB 2.0
  • All-in-one RFID-Reader BIS M-4008 with integrated webserver for configuration, condition monitoring and diagnostics
  • Rugged IP67 housing: reliable use in harsh environments
  • Status displays directly on the reader housing: facilitates commissioning and minimizes down times
Interchangeable Parts Detection with Read/Write head with integrated processor unit

RFID configurator

To custom assemble your RFID system for interchangeable parts detection, Balluff offers a convenient RFID configurator. You can start your selection process by beginning with the data carrier, processor unit or read/write head. You will always be shown the matching components for your selection. Simply let you selection be guided by the application.

RFID configurator