Safety in potentially explosive areas
Safety in potentially explosive areas

Safety in potentially explosive areas

In areas with a risk of explosion, many tasks can only be completed by reliable position detection. Examples include the monitoring of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, the checking of hydraulically, and pneumatically controlled valves and fill level detection.

Balluff provides you with non-contact magnetostrictive linear position systems and sensors in a wide variety of designs. Learn about our range of solutions.


Zone/device categories Balluff
Zone/device categories per EC Directives 2014/34/EU (ATEX)
Zone/device categories per EC Directives 2014/34/EU (ATEX)

Application examples

  • Reliable Position Feedback

    Many applications in explosion hazard areas require the use of position measurement systems for reliable position feedback, for example, isolation and control valves used in oil and gas extraction, refineries, and petrochemical plants.

    For Ex zones 0 and 1, Balluff offers magnetostrictive linear position sensors in various rod styles. Our pressure-encapsulated designs have varying performance profiles, for example, for areas where there is a risk relating to gas or dust. There are also variants available to you for use in Ex zone 2, which can withstand the potentially explosive conditions there.

    The housings of our magnetostrictive linear position sensors are robust and pressure-encapsulated. The electronic module in the BTL J-DEXC version can be changed quickly and easily. This means that all variants meet the requirements set by the oil and gas industries for high reliability and simple servicing.


    • IECEx, ATEX, NEC and many additional international certifications
    • Approvals for zones 0 (1G), 1 (2G), 2 (3G), as well as 20 (1D), 21 (2D) and 22 (3D)
    • Measurement ranges of up to 7620 mm
    • Absolute output signal with high resolution of up to 5 µm
    • Pressure-rated up to 600 bar
    • Range of interfaces available
    • Space-saving thanks to short housing
    • Fast commissioning through characteristic curve adjustment
    Reliable position feedback with magnetostrictive linear position sensors

  • Reliable Position Detection

    At Balluff you have access to a wide-ranging portfolio of inductive sensors for positioning and object detection in explosion hazard areas. For end-of-travel monitoring on hydraulic cylinders and monitoring valve positions, you can also choose from a broad range of high-pressure rated sensors. Our various housing and thread sizes fit in nearly any installation scenario.

    We offer sensors with special safety features for areas where an explosive atmosphere is present continuously or very often. Whereas intrinsically safe sensors are generally used in these applications to form a safe unit in combination with the appropriate isolating amplifiers, we also offer compact versions that provide the necessary safety without requiring an additional amplifier.

    In environments with only occasional or rare explosion hazards, we offer versions for various temperature ranges, as well as full metal versions to provide an optimal solution for your application.


    • Approvals for zones 0 (1G), 1 (2G), 2 (3G), as well as 20 (1D), 21 (2D) and 22 (3D)
    • Pressure-rated up to 500 bar
    • High-temperature-resistant up to 100 °C
    • Non-contacting and thus free from wear
    • Impervious to contamination
    • Short-circuit protected
    • Wide range of common sensor housings
    • Safe unit when using available isolation amplifiers and cable versions
    • Versions for use in zones 0 and 20 with no isolation amplifier
    Reliable position detection using inductive sensors

  • Reliable Detection of Piston Position

    We offer magnetic field sensors to you for Ex zones 0/20 — environments where explosive dusts, gases and vapors are present continuously, often or over a long period.

    These sensors are simple to install. They are inserted into T-slots from above or installed on round or tie-rod cylinders using suitable brackets.

    A cable is used to connect each sensor quickly and conveniently to the appropriate isolation amplifier outside the Ex zone. Since the cable is potted into the sensor, safe integrity is ensured. The amplifier with relay output acts as an interface between electrical signals from the potentially explosive area and the safe zone. You can also get the isolation amplifier from Balluff – reliable quality from a single source.


    • Approvals for zones 0 (1G) and 20 (1D)
    • Can be quickly and easily inserted into the T-slot from above, with clamping fixture
    • Sensor, mounting bracket and isolation amplifier available from a single source
    Reliable detection of the piston position with magnetic field sensors