Safety command devices
Safety command devices

Reliably shut off machines under emergency conditions

Safe operation of machines and equipment falls under a company's due care responsibility. Safety command devices such as E-stop devices must be used to ensure that when emergencies do occur, damage to personnel and machines can be avoided or at least reduced. As a supplementary measure an E-Stop device must always be available – whether during installation, operation or maintenance. And this is regardless of whether this function is to turn power off or to stop a hazardous process or movement.

The safety command devices must be easy to reach, always available and functional, and should immediately initiate a safe state of the machine. Our clearly visible command devices trigger an immediate E-Stop function in case of an emergency. This makes them ideal for protecting personnel and equipment.

Product families

  • Emergency stop device

    E-Stop – when things get critical

    E-Stop buttons and switches ensure that machines and equipment do not restart on their own after being forcibly stopped in a hazardous situation. Typically, interrupting a circuit brings the machine to a stop. Depending on the general conditions of the application and relevant regulations, E-Stop systems are divided into various stop categories.

    Immediate disconnection of the power source (Stop Category 0)

    As long as this does not represent any other risk to the user, the power source is immediately removed.

    Controlled stop (Stop Category 1)

    Stopping of the machine motion with electrical power to the machine actuators maintained during the stopping process; power available to the machine actuators to achieve the stop and then removal of power when the stop is achieved.

    Safety command devices for the highest safety requirements

    Safety command devices form Balluff meet the highest safety requirements in compliance with international standards and norms, and are simple and safe to integrate into your equipment.


    • Reliable disconnection of the power supply
    • Positive opening operation in compliance with IEC 60947-5-1, Annex K
    • Pluggable connection with M12 (5-pin)
    • Turn-to-release mushroom pushbutton
    • High degree of protection against dust and water
    • Compact housing, easy installation
    Emergency stop device