Safety guard locking devices
Safety guard locking devices

Safety guard locking devices for machines and equipment

Aligns, fits, holds – all with holding forces of 1000 to 2500 newtons. The guard locking devices from Balluff ensure that machines and equipment in every industry are protected. The guard locking devices are suitable for safety applications up to PLe/SIL3 and are an intelligent solution for preventing uncontrolled access to hazardous areas. Our safe guard locking devices help protect man and machine and feature a high coding level for outstanding anti-tamper protection.

With our various operating principles, Balluff offers you a broad range of solutions. Both electromechanical guard locking devices as well as transponder-coded guard locking devices are available. It is also good to know that the rugged housings with LED indicator are built for challenging environments. This makes selecting the right product a simple matter.

Safe machine shut-off

Balluff guard locking switches assure that when moveable protective devices such as guard doors or flaps are not properly closed, the machine cannot be started up. The Balluff devices, however, are also designed so that they can compensate for a certain amount of offset (e.g. when doors settle or are imprecisely aligned).

RFID provides anti-tamper protection

Due to RFID monitoring, non-contact transponder-coded guard locking devices are especially good at protecting against tampering. Transponder-coded safety sensors achieve high anti-tamper protection because the RFID transponder is uniquely identified by the sensor. The sensors are also insensitive to vibration and mechanical play in the protective devices.

Electromechanical Guard Locking Devices

For the electromechanical versions, the special shape of the mechanical mating component significantly reduces the risk that the safety function can be defeated. The mechanical contour of the insertion opening for the switch head also compensates for any mechanical play in the protective device.

Easy to install

Balluff offers you complete safety solutions in which all the safety components are precisely matched to each other. Connection is simple and cost-efficient, using standardized M12 connection technology.

As is the case with all Balluff safety components, the safety guardlocking devices can also be directly connected to the Safety over IO-Link module, which bundles all signals and forwards them via an IO-Link master module to the safety controller. As a bonus, you benefit from all the advantages of an intelligent Industry 4.0 solution.

The most important benefits

  • Suitable for safety applications up to PLe/SIL3
  • Insensitive to vibration and mechanical play
  • Save time and money in installation and assembly
  • Also suitable for heavy protective equipment
  • Tamper resistant
  • Simple connection using standardized M12 connection technology

Product families

  • Electromechanical guard locking devices

    For simultaneous protection of people and machines

    Electromechanical guard locking devices with a separate actuator are guard locking devices with a locking function which provides both personnel and equipment protection. Together with a machine controller and an isolating protection device they secure hazardous areas against access. You can use our guard locking devices with either a mechanical interlocking function (open-circuit principle) or with an electrical interlocking function (closed-circuit principle).


    • Sturdy metal housing with status display
    • Rotatable actuating head (90° increments) with two inlets
    • Plug-in connection with M12 (8-pin)
    • Guard locking device available with either open circuit principle or bias current principle
    • High holding forces of up to 2500 N
    • Suitable for direct connection to Balluff Safety Over IO-Link I/O module
    Electromechanical guard locking devices
  • Transponder-coded guard locking devices

    Personnel protection – with high anti-tamper protection

    Non-contact, transponder-coded guard locking devices are ideal for securing and monitoring guard doors and safety flaps to protect people from potential hazards or prevent interruption of processes. The high coding level provides you with outstanding anti-tamper protection.


    • Tamper resistant, contamination-insensitive RFID monitoring principle
    • Three approach directions for flexibility
    • Integrated interlock function for access and process security
    • Vibration-resistant, even when unlocked
    • Standardized M12, 8-pin connection technology saves money
    • Suitable for direct connection to Balluff Safety over IO-Link I/O module
    Transponder-coded guard locking devices