Optimal position feedback for direct drives up to 48 m

Multi-slide-capable absolute system for strokes from 10 to 48000 mm

The solution

Gearless linear direct drives are increasingly replacing conventional systems in machine construction and automation applications. Absolute, high-precision multi-slide-capable magnetically encoded linear measuring systems for longer strokes are required for position feedback in the servo axes. Our new BML-G multi-slide-capable absolute measurement system is the ideal solution for linear direct drives. Its precise absolute signal is available over strokes of from 10 to 48000 mm. This increases its efficiency and reduces the multiplicity of parts and design costs.

The features

  • No reference run thanks to absolute measurement signal
  • Tape up to 48 m
  • Optimal uptime and reliable operation through diagnostic function
  • Reduced system costs thanks to simultaneous measurement of the position of multiple slides
  • Simplified installation and increased operating security thanks to generous distance between sensor and tape
Position feedback for direct drives up to 48 m
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