Balluff certified for ISO 9001:2015

Early update for Quality Management

Neuhausen a. d. F.: Balluff GmbH, a leading provider for industrial automation in the area of sensor solutions and systems, has successfully updated their Quality Management to conform with ISO 9001:2015. This makes Balluff one of the first companies in their sector to advance from the previous 2008 version to the newest edition.

"Our customers appreciate our matchless Balluff quality. They are also very discerning and attentive to details. With this early certification for ISO 9001:2015 we underscore our own demand on Balluff quality and our understanding of it," explains Peter Dolderer, Corporate Quality Management Representative at Balluff. Bringing the family company into line with customer orientation very clearly comes into effect here: The update of the quality management standard meets customer wishes and shows that Balluff consistently meets and even exceeds customer expectations.

In addition to the early decision for reorganizing the standard, Balluff is also the trailblazer when it comes to the size of the company: 16 locations were checked and certified. The core team, which had to accomplish their goal on a global basis, employed deft task distribution to achieve a pinpoint landing as the project was concluded. Essential contributing factors were regular communication within the team and the construction of a global communication network. Michael Unger, Managing Director at Balluff, is proud that "Everyone involved in the company takes quality to heart."

With Mold-ID, which is used with injection molding machines, Balluff has developed a solution that makes it possible to detect defects before they even occur. The molds are subject to wear and tear and must be regularly maintained.

In many cases inspections and maintenance are frequently carried out only if the produced parts no longer meet the required quality standards or if a mold is completely out of service. This is where the Mold-ID-System comes into play: by making the use of injection molds traceable and giving notification of the need for maintenance work in a timely manner. The key component of the solution is an RFID data carrier. With it, individualized information can be provided with the mold, such as the time in service and the last location of use.

"Here we point the way in our market," emphasizes Christian Mair, Head of Central Quality Management and Environment at Balluff. "Our quality excellence has now been confirmed by a third party. This early certification is being positively perceived by our customers. Here also we support our customers in an advisory capacity and learn from each other."

In contrast to the previous version, the updated quality management standard sets new priorities which represent a response to the increasing complexity and networked nature of the global market. For example, management and communication culture are emphasized. In addition to knowledge documentation and qualification, targeted addressing of the interests of various partners, such as customers, suppliers, employees etc. are more strongly emphasized and addressed.

Quality is an anchor point of Balluff corporate values. With production and development at nine locations around the world, the family-owned company makes a global quality promise that it keeps across its entire sales, logistics and service network in every market. Numerous strict testing and standards such as ISO 9001:2015 assure the consistently high level of product quality.

Balluff successfully certified for ISO 9001:2015
Christian Mair, Head of Central Quality Management and Environment at Balluff, is proud of the early certification.

About the company Balluff

Balluff was founded in 1921 in Neuhausen a.d.F. It employs 3000 people worldwide and represents innovative technology, quality and maximum customer orientation. As a leading provider for industrial automation, the family-run company offers a full range of high-quality sensor, identification and networking systems. In 2015 sales for Balluff GmbH were around € 366 million. In addition to the central headquarters in Neuhausen in the Filder region, Balluff has production and development sites around the world, as well as 61 international subsidiaries and representative offices. This guarantees that customers have fast availability of the products, high application assistance, and perfect service directly on-site – worldwide.