Direct drive feedback encoder for lengths up to 48 m

Absolute magnetic linear feedback from 10 mm to 48 m

The solution

Gearless linear direct drives are increasingly replacing conventional systems in machine construction and automation applications. Absolute, high-precision encoded linear measuring systems for longer strokes are required for position feedback on the servo axes.

Balluff absolute linear measurement system was designed for precise positioning over long distance and is multi-slide capable; simply add more sensors heads reading from one encoded tape. This means all slides are working from the same absolute position reference, enhancing control and operating security.

The features

  • Absolute operation: no "homing" or reference run required to re-acquire position
  • Magnetic scale tape up to 48 m max
  • Diagnostic functionality
  • Multiple read heads simultaneously on a single magnetic tape
  • Simplified installation and increased operational reliability thanks to generous gap distance between sensor and tape
Position feedback for direct drives up to 48 m
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