Capacitive global sensors from Balluff
Capacitive global sensors from Balluff

Worldwide standard in object detection

Balluff offers a wide range of top quality performance proven sensors. Our complete series of global sensors are designed for versatile use in standardized applications.

The global series includes inductive, photoelectric, capacitive and magnetic field sensors as well as matching accessories. The global sensors offer standardization for each product family providing unlimited flexibility for companies worldwide. Our global sensors are subject to thorough examination and, maintain CE and cULus certifications.

The proven complete series of global sensors

  • Photoelectric sensors for standard applications

    Economically priced easy to install and simple to use photoelectric sensors

    Balluff's global line of photoelectric sensors includes all sensing modes including diffuse, background suppression, retro-reflective and through-beam. Not only are all sensing modes included but there are several different housing styles including tubular and block. Also incorporated are all light sources such as red light for easy setup, laser for small part detection and infrared for the harshest applications.

    Balluff's attention to quality, superior design, and performance means better reliability, less down time and higher productivity.

    The features

    • Background suppression with ranges up to 300mm
    • Diffuse sensors with ranges up to 900 mm
    • Retro-reflective sensors with ranges up to 16 m
    • Through-beam sensors with ranges up to 60 m
    • Fork sensors with widths up to 220mm
    • PNP or NPN outputs
    • Multiple connection methods including M8, M12 and cable
    Photoelectric Global Sensors

    Surface-independent package detection using a retro-reflective sensor

  • Inductive global sensors for object detection

    Globally proven sensor solutions for controlling, positioning and monitoring

    Our inductive global sensors for object detection are robust and reliable. With a wide range of over 500 offerings, we offer the right inductive sensor for every application.

    The global Inductive sensors are standardized and available worldwide, with an optimum price/performance ratio that offers a sensor solution that is readily available.

    The features

    • Cylindrical sensors in Ø 6,5 mm, M8, M12, M18, M30 and 40 × 40 mm block design
    • Flush and Non-Flush versions
    • Flush ranges up to 15 mm
    • Non-flush ranges up to 30 mm
    • Connector or cable connection
    Inductive global sensors

  • Capacitive global sensors for object and fill level detection

    Competitively priced capacitive sensors with above average features

    Balluff's global capacitive sensors are built to the highest standards and include reverse polarity and short circuit protection with enhanced EMC protection. Being part of Balluff's industry leading portfolio of capacitive sensors means the global line of sensors benefits from the many years of experience with this technology.

    Flush mount sensors detect objects reliably regardless of color, material, and surface texture. Non-flush sensors are perfect for level detection of granules, liquids, and powders.

    The features

    • M12, M18, M30 and block housing designs Flush ranges up to 20 mm
    • Non-flush ranges up to 25 mm
    • PNP and NPN versions with normally open or normally closed
    • Power-on indicator
    • Output function indicator
    • Available with a plastic or stainless steel housing
    Capacitive global sensors

    Capacitive global sensors for object detection

  • Magnetic global cylinder sensors for pneumatic cylinders

    Reliable, wear-free detection for pneumatic cylinder piston position

    Compact magnetic global cylinder sensors from Balluff are accurately matched to various cylinder slot form factors assuring precise fitment. They also feature bright LED output indication with slide in or drop in application orientation.

    The features

    • C and T slot applicable
    • Ultra-bright LED
    • Slide in or drop in offerings
    • V-Twin® – one plug for two sensors
    Magnetic Global Cylinder Sensors

    Reliable, wear-free position detection on all pneumatic cylinders